Top 8 Things To Do When In Finland

Things To Do When In Finland

Today, you are going to know more about the country also called the – “land of thousand lakes”. Yes I am talking about Finland. A country which has so much I must say abundant to boast about has many things that you must never forget to return without experiencing. Apart from many archipelagos, craziest events and many other things, Finland is a lot more. I am not going to explain everything here, just scroll down and come across the top 8 fun thing to do in Finland. Make sure that you fulfill the purpose whenever you visit Finland

Top 8 Things To Do When In Finland:

1. Watch The Midnight Sun

Midnight sun- one of the breath-taking phenomena which can be experienced in the Nordic region is enjoyed by every visitor in Finland. All credit goes to the inclination of the earth’s axis that in the northern region of Finland, the daytime can be witnessed constantly during summer.

It is the period when you will find the sun moving in circle in the sky and never disappearing beyond the horizon.

One of the perfect place for witnessing this amazing scenery is Sodankyla. The view is incredible and must not be missed. In case you happen to visit Finland in summer or in around June then you can take part in the midnight festival as well. This festival is a great way to keep oneself entertained during the summer.

Watch The Midnight Sun

2. Go For Ice Fishing And Try Your Luck At Gold Mines

At present, there are at least 1,000 lakes present in Lapland, Finland and the biggest out of these is the Lake Inari. When it is summer, you can visit the lake and try your luck at gold mines. At this region only was discovered gold for the first time in 1868.

After the discovery of the mine, it has been visited by numerous tourists and have tried their luck as well.

In summer, you can try the mines does not mean that you have nothing to do in winters. During the winters, you can go for ice fishing. Ice fishing means drilling the ice and then catching the fish. In this case also you luck plays an important role as if you are lucky, you may catch a big fish like rainbow trout, whitefish or a perch and enjoy the feast later.

Go For Ice Fishing And Try Your Luck At Gold Mines

3. Experience Its Food Scene

When it comes to the food, Helsinki is popular for its vibrant food scenes. If you are fond of cooking and want to try something with the Finnish ingredients then there is a popular Finnish invention called the restaurant day when anyone can set up a restaurant of the choice, anywhere.

So don’t restrict yourself to the kitchen but come out to the open and try your skills with the new ingredients.

If you are not able to do it well, then the other option of visiting place to place and trying the recipes still remains. Make sure that you taste every single popular Finnish recipe even traditional ones.

Experience Its Food Scene

4. Don’t Miss The Cafe

Well, coffee came into limelight because of the extreme cold. It is said that Finnish people consume coffee more than any other person in the whole world. Now that coffee is so famous, there are many varieties in coffee shops and cafes. So why not try its coffee and grab the must experience.

Don’t Miss The Cafe

5. Visit Its Forest

If you are highly cosmopolitan and want to have a different experience in Europe then Finland is the place where you will find forest and water more than any other part of Europe. “The land of thousand lakes” is also the “land of thousands of forests”. So missing these should never be thought about.

About 70% of the area covered with beautiful forests makes it larger than Italy or UK also.

Coming to the lakes, there are about 188,000 lakes in Finland and has the cleanest water ever. Therefore, try visiting its lakes as these are beautiful and marvelous and try camping at forest. Who knows if you get the chance to witness its fauna also?

Visit Its Forest

6. How About Skiing

If you happen to be in Finland in winters then skiing is one of the best fun activity for you. From late October till May, it lasts for up to 6 months. You already know that it is all dark in winters but don’t worry it won’t take away the fun part as during the darkest days are lit the ski slopes and then begins the fun. If you can manage to go the cross country then have fun with ski slopes worth about hundreds of kilometer. The famous one is Yllas which is 330 km long track longer than any track in Europe.

How About Skiing

7. Try The Saunas

It is extremely cold in winters but who cares about the cold when saunas are present in abundant number. Well, this is one place where Finland appears totally apart from the rest of the world. The people are unquestionable aficionado of saunas therefore, there are about 3 million saunas which is way more than 1 saunas per citizen. So bathe in the cold outside and relax and enjoy the sauna after. What makes it even enjoyable is the location which is at the small lakeside cottages and cabins. It really makes it a souvenir of Finland.

Try The Saunas

8. Take The Aurora Tours

For this reason, I will like to visit Finland again and again. The view is something that you can’t even imagine and not to mention- breathtaking. I must say that whenever you visit the Arctic Circle no matter for what cause, the motive is never fulfilled unless you watch the northern lights.

The aurora is actually colorful lights dancing in the sky and the Finnish people consider these lights as the sign of Lapland.

As you might be knowing that there is constant light during summer so the opposite happens during winter – all the time night. For this reason, it makes the perfect occasion for viewing the aurora borealis. You can choose any travel agency that can provide you the aurora tour and not just watch the aurora but take part in certain activities as well.

Take The Aurora Tours

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