Top 8 Popular Attractions In Spetses, Greece

Spetses is an island known for its contribution to the Greek war of Independence. The historical significance and culture of the island is well-preserved in the 18th century mansions. Other than history and culture, the island has beautiful beaches, caves and varied landscape. The island offers something to all kinds of travelers from history to entertainment. A few main attractions in Spetses are given below.

Attractions In Spetses:

1. Bouboulina Museum

The museum housed 100 m behind Dapia harbor is a 300 years old mansion, the home of an important person in the history of Greece, Bouboulina. The museum displays personal objects of the Greek Admiral such as old books, letters, gun collection, personal items, maps, portraits, etc. The wood carved ceiling, 18th century furniture and other household furnishing are beautiful. The museum discloses the bravery and the life of the great female heroes of Greek revolution.

Bouboulina Museum

2. Church of Agios Nikolaos

The most popular church on the island is also known for its historical significance as well. It is big in size and well-designed with wide arches inside the church. The minaret with two balconies and the bell tower made of marbles are two of the main attractive features in the church.

Church of Agios Nikolaos

3. Cave of Bekiris

Bekiris cave is located nearby Agioi Anargyri beach. Visitors can get to the cave either by boat or by trekking through the pine forest. Though it is a bit difficult to reach the cave, the beautiful interiors fascinate people and make you forget all the difficulties you had to undergo to reach the place. The blue-green water, stalagmites and stalactites and the bizarre shapes formed by those are simply wonderful. The caves create a romantic and mesmerizing environment for lovers and film makers.

Cave of Bekiris

4. Ayia Paraskevi Beach

The beach is popularly known as Platanias Beach. The beach is known for its scenic views of the clear blue waters and golden sand. There is ample space shaded by pine forests to relax. Also, travelers can enjoy amazing water activities such as skiing and boating. It is a perfect place for beach lovers. You can also visit the chapel, which stands a few meters away from the shore and enjoy local food at the snack bars.

Ayia Paraskevi Beach

5. Hatzigiannis Mexico Mansion

The residence of the Mexis family built in the 17th century was given to the state of Greece by the heirs of the family and operates as museum today. As you walk into the extraordinary mansion, you can feel being taken back to the Greek Revolution period. On display are the weaponry, traditional costumes, household artifacts, flags of revolution era, historical manuscripts, picture of freedom fighters, folk art collection, etc. A visit to the museum will help you learn 4000 years of the island’s history.

Hatzigiannis Mexico Mansion

6. Mountain Paths & Trails

The island has a network of mountain trails that meander through the beautiful pine forest, which covers the entire hills. Travelers can enjoy the natural scenery, tranquility and the mesmerizing views from above.

Mountain Paths & Trails

7. Agion Panton Monastery

This Monastery in Spetses is of religious importance. The nunnery was established in the year 1830 and is located above the Agia Marina bay. The monastery has cemeteries with graves of historical figures and great personalities of the island.

Agion Panton Monastery

8. Agia Triada Church

The church is visited by several people every year, especially during holidays. Besides the amazing wooden carved iconostasis, the church also houses a unique tower with a bell in the midst of the triple apse. This Holy Trinity Church is one of the famous landmarks of religious significance in Spetses.

Agia Triada Church

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