The Top 6 Beaches In Poland You Must Visit

Beaches In Poland You Must Visit

Have you ever been to Poland? If not, then you surely must. Poland is in Europe and it is on the Baltic Sea. There are many attractions in Poland and the beaches are lovely. Most of the beaches are small and less crowded. Today we have listed the Top 6 Beaches in Poland You Must Visit. The list includes the beaches which are most famous in Poland. You will really like the list. Take a look!

Here Is The List Of Top 6 Beaches In Poland You Must Visit:

1. Swinoujscie Beach

Now this is a beach which is horseshoe shaped. It is true! You can take a run or walk on this beach. It is sunny in summers and it is perfect when it is off season. You must visit this beach if you want to take a dip in the sea. Make sure you carry your swimwear with you.

Swinoujscie Beach

2. Jurata Beach

Jurata Beach is amazing. If you are wanting to swim in the sea or just ride your bike along the sea beach. You can also take a windsurfing lesson here. You can also try fly surfing here. It is for the brave hearts! You can actually spend a lazy day on the beach. Get your towels and just go for sun bathing. There is no loud music here and the beach is very serene for a calm and happy day.

Jurata Beach

3. Brzezno Beach

This beach is just 500 meters long. It is a sandy beach where you will find many bars and restaurants to catch a bite or drink. There is transportation available to reach this famous beach. The best thing about it is that it is less crowded. The entry is free of cost here. It is basically a pier. It is a long wooden pier where you can take a walk. It is a great place for photographers.

Brzezno Beach

4. Gdynia Beach

The Gdynia Beach is very nice. There is a forest behind the beach. The beach is very sunny and it sets early. You can enjoy sunbathing here. This beach stays very crowded in the afternoon but the crowd is amazing. There are many coffee places and restaurants here to catch a bite. There is a very nice pier on the beach too. Despite being so crowded, the cleanliness is maintained.

Gdynia Beach

5. Sopot Beach

The Sopot Beach is the most famous. Just take a boat trip to the famous Sopot. Take a walk at the pier on this beach. This is a white sand beach and it is very spacious. The sea is shallow which makes it good for swimming. Non swimmers can come here and swim safely. Sopot is best known for its spas so make sure you get a spa treatment here at the beach. This is best for a beach holiday in Poland!

Sopot Beach

6. Niechorze Beach

Now the Niechorze Beach is very beautiful. It is a sandy beach. This beach stays crowded mostly but it has a beach bar and some eating joints. Try to come on a weekday afternoon to find less crowd and some peaceful time. If you want to be at peace, go towards the lighthouse. The beach is clean and you will find a lot of peace here. The beach is very serene.

Niechorze Beach

Did you like the list? We hope this list helped you in some way. The beaches may not be as happening as other beach destinations around the world but you will surely enjoy the experience of walking on the pier and attaining peace of mind. There is so much to see in Poland. Make sure you visit the historical attractions as well! Have a happy trip.

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