6 Enthralling Things To Do In Oxford, England

Oxford city situated in South east of England is a quaint city with historical buildings, prestigious universities, medieval streets, stone colleges, lively academic life and a lot of students. Is that the entire city has to offer? Let’s us explore the things you can do in the great city on your visit.

Attractions In Oxford:

1. Pitt Rivers Museum

The museum displaying anthropological and archeological collection from all around the world was established in the year 1884. The unique displays in the wooden and glass cabinets and dense display of objects mounted on walls and hanging from ceiling are mind boggling. The arrangement of collections in the museum, which is based on evolution, will give some work to your brain. You will be amazed by the exhibits and displays here.

Pitt Rivers Museum

2. Bodleian Library

Bodleian library is one of the very old libraries around the world. The library founded in 1602 was started with just 20 books, but today it a large collection of manuscript and books from 15th century to the present day. There are more than 12 million books. The space is large to accommodate 2500 readers. The architecture of the library is amazing and visitors are allowed to stroll in the central quad, but the other parts of the library are accessible only on guided tour.

Bodleian Library

3. Magdalen Bridge Boathouse

Want to drive a traditional punt or pedalo in Oxford? There cannot be a better place than the Magdalen bridge boathouse. The boathouse is just below the Magdalen college tower. Hire punts, row boats, chauffeured boats and sail down the wonderful river Cherwell for a superb experience. You can sail downstream to head to Botanical garden and upstream to ride around deer park.

Magdalen Bridge Boathouse

4. Botanic Garden

The classic 17th century walled, old botanic garden in the center of the city is definitely the most beautiful spots in the city. The wildflowers, garden elements, and glasshouses are amazing. The glasshouses provide the required protection for the plants from the extreme weather conditions. The autumn borders, medicinal plants water and rock gardens are outstanding. Especially the black border needs a special mention. The plants are grouped together in numerous ways, for example, by origin, economic use, family, etc. Overall, it is an amazing place to spend some time for all ages.

Botanic Garden

5. Christ Church College

This is an interesting place that one must not miss visiting in Oxford. Popularly known as the house, the educational establishment is more similar to a country house. When you walk through the amazing 500 years old building, you will feel that you have been here before if you have not missed the movie Harry Potter scenes, as the film have been filmed here. The college chapel is open to visitors. The meadows, gates, quadrangle, tainted glass windows, and the rich history make the place worth paying a visit.

Christ Church College

6. The Saxon Tower

This eleventh century tower is one of the oldest buildings in Oxford. Earlier it was part of the St. Michael’s church. Situated in the city’s hub, the tower was patronized by the elite of Oxford. Although the church has been built and rebuilt several times, the tower survives even today. The 97 stairs that takes you to the top of this tower offers a glimpse of England’s history. You can enjoy the panoramic views of the modern Oxford city from its perch, which has factually seen it all.

The Saxon Tower

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