10 Most Interesting Attractions In Falassarna Beach

Attractions In Falassarna Beach

If you are planning to visit a beach, which is not so crowded and you want to feel like you are in the heaven then you should visit the Falassarna Beach. This is the best place to visit in the Europe. You will find the white sand in it and the beach is so clean and water is transparent and you can see the coral and fish with your naked eyes. There are so many bars at this beach and in the night there are so many of the parties are organised at this beach, diving and so many of the attractions are there at this beach, here are some of the attractions of the Falassarna Beach.

1. Private Cruise

If you want to get the real cruise experience then you are at the perfect place, Falassarna beach, has clean water and the weather is so awesome, there are many cruise services at the Falassarna beach, so if you love to travel in the cruise and want to make a memorable trip then here is the place for you. On this cruise there are restaurants and you can also enjoy the parties over there. There are night DJ parties are there.

Private Cruise

2. Balos Lagoon

Balos beach is famous for its lagoon, the water is so clear in this area, this is famous because you can see the tortoise easily, if anyone wants to get the good pictures then this place is good for them, you can also go with your personal yacht from the Falassarna beach, there are so many of the hotels and restaurants for the night stay, sunset of this place is awesome, the water is luke warm and color is blue, your children will enjoy this place definitely.

Balos Lagoon

3. Gramvousa Fortress

Gramvousa is also known to be the Grampousa in the local, these are two small islands with the beautiful locations. These are the 3 forts which were build to save the attack of the Venetian soldiers, so many wars had been faced by these fortress like the Ottoman war, Greek war for the freedom. So if you are interested in the history of the Europe then you should sure visit this place, many memories and the monuments of the 17th century have been saved at this place.

Gramvousa Fortress

4. Kissamos Museum

This museum was open in 2005, there are many floors in it and each floor has unique monuments, in the basement you will get the monuments related with the Nopigia, at you will also get the step by step development of the western Crete. If you want to see the mosaic floors of the ancient times then you visit the first floor of it, you will get evaluation of the Christianity in it and the monument of the ancient Roman culture. Potteries are most attractive part of this museum.


Kissamos Museum

5. To Kaniski

This is the place where every visitors visit, this is the shopping place and you will get the best things to buy, each and every item there is good in quality and cheap in price, here you will get the best cuisine and the street food of the Falassarna Beach at very reasonable prices, the best thing is that you will get cooking classes of the local dishes here and you will also get the option to cook it in the barbeque restaurants. The dishes in this store are mainly of the sea creatures.


6. Astrikas Estate Biolea

If you are curious about the tribes then you should go and visit the Astrikas Estate Biolea, the place is best known of the olive oils in the natural form. There are three types of the olives that are manufactured here are biolea, lemonio, nerantzio. So if you want to see the olives factory then you can visit over there and also you need to take the permit to see the culture of the tribes of the locations, hand made pottery, bamboo baskets.

Astrikas Estate Biolea

7. Sfinari West Crete

If you want to feel at the end of world, then you need to visit this place, you will see the olives farm house at this place, the wind of this place is awesome and you will feel that you are in the village at the beach, the best thing about this place is that you will the small tomato plants near to the beach, you will find the collectors of the vintage cars and there is yearly vintage rally also to this place and huge crowd gathered to this place.

Sfinari West Crete

8. Agia Sofia Cave

This cave you will find near to the Elafonisi city, you will get the private vehicle to reach this location, the name is of the church which is situated at the entrance, you will get two floors in this cave, this cave is of the stalagmites, the best thing is the trace of the neolithic age of about the 4th BC, you will get the spider of the Pholcus Creticus spices and you will not get this anywhere, the whether has the healing power.

Agia Sofia Cave

9. Topolia Gorge

It you want long drive near to the beaches, then you should definitely go this place, many private travelers are there, you will have the narrow roads with  high rocks and hills in between journey, there is a cave in which a local story is famous about the singing and dancing of the fairies inside the cave, people from all over the world come, rest to this place and enjoy the singing of the fairies. This is the best place to take the selfies.

Topolia Gorge

10. Souvenir Shop

When you visit a place you always buy some of the stuff that belongs to that place, souvenir shop near to the Falassarna Beach has the local lappish handicraft and you will beautiful letter and post cards for you loved ones and family, there are so many of the small gift shops, you will get the woolen gloves, caps, socks and other stuff, there are some beverage shops also and you will get the local cocktails there, you will get the seasonal fruits and the best thing is that you will have the fresh dairy products there.

Souvenir Shop

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