Top 7 Travel Destinations In Serbia

Serbia is a small, beautiful European country which is situated in the central and southeast Europe. This sovereign state covers the Pannonian Plain and central Balkans. This country is landlocked by Hungary from the north, Macedonia to the south, Bulgaria and Romania from the east and Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro to the west. It has wonderful landscape, monasteries and gorgeous nightlife. This place is the Europe’s one of the best cost effective destination for the travelers.This small country has so much to offer. You just need to have the curiosity and adventurous mind.

Have A Look On The Large List Of Destinations In Serbia:

1. Djavolja Varos

Djavolja Varos means Devil’s Town. This place has almost 202 rock formations at the base of the Radan Mountain. These rock pillar stones are approximately 15 meters high and six meter width. This reddish-yellow rough and rocky area has formed for the volcanic eruption.

Djavolja Varos

2. Resava Cave

This cave is the oldest cave in Serbia. It has narrow lanes, flowstone waterfalls, impressive galleries, pillars and spikes. The rock formations in the cave are in gorgeous red, yellow and white colours. It all depends on the minerals in the stones through which the water passes. The total cave area is 2.8 miles long and 1.75 miles depth.The cave is surrounded by the water streams, rock formation and forest.

Resava Cave

3. National Park Tara

This place is the sign of ultimate beauty of the nature. The place has wonderful landscape, amazing sights, rare animals and the chance to do some exciting activities. The major attraction is one of the largest canyons in the world, the Drina River canyon. The exciting privilege is you can do quick and wild rafting on the canyon of Drina River. “Pančićeva” spruce is the endangered species that is very common in the mountain of Tara and another attraction is the brown bears.

National Park Tara

4. Djerdap Gorge

This is the largest and longest gorge in Europe with the length of 62 miles. This gorge is located beside the Carpathian Mountains and the only one in the flow of the Danube. The pre-historic site of the Europe Lepanski Vir is located here with ancient fortresses.

Djerdap Gorge

5. Sirogojno

If you want to explore the lifestyle of traditional Serbian outside the countryside then Sirogojno is the right place. The mountain village Sirogojno is placed on the Mt. Zlatibor. The rural houses are made of wood-planked structures. The local people are engaged in crafts of pottery, mosaics and knitting. You can have classes to learn these handcrafted works to make the souvenir.


6. Ada Ciganlija

This stunning island is set on the mouth of the Sava River. It is the headland on the way of Belgrade, the capital of the country. The place is a large attractive landscape includes lots of trees and green field. You can stay in the hotels of the beaches to enjoy the stunning beauty of the nature. This place is ideal to spend your leisure time with a glass of champagne and bon fire. If you are adventurous then you can enjoy the swimming and boating in the river. It also can be a memorable experience.

Ada Ciganlija

7. Belgrade Fortress

You can explore the historic aspects of the country by visiting this place. This fortress is situated at the meeting point of the Sava River and Danube. The fortress has the history of protecting the region because of its geographical position. The Kalemegdan park is another place to see inside the fort for historical monuments and statues.

Belgrade Fortress

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