8 Top Attractions For Tourists In Scotland

With astonishing natural beauty in the form of massive crystal clear lakes surrounded by rocks, interesting rocky features, colorful political, social history, music, food and drinks, big urban centers etc Scotland is one of the important European countries that is attracting visitors from all over the globe. Scotland is a country that has  relation with Britain from long ago. Big cities and cultural centers of Scotland like Edinburgh, Glasgow etc have great arrangements for tourists to stay and visit places of attractions. Scotland definitely provides attractions for tourists who have different kind of tastes.

Here Are Top 8 Attractions For Tourists In Scotland:

1. Loch Ness

When the name Scotland is uttered the image that comes up is of a mysterious figure with long neck rising out of the water of a lake. The lake is of couse Loch Ness and the figure is none other than the elusive creature Nessie that supposedly inhabits the loch. Loch Ness is a vast body of sweet water lake surrounded by mountains in Scottish Highland. The popularity of this lake is for numerous sightings of the creature. But the surrounding beauty is worth seeing too. There is dilapidated remnant of Urquhart castle on the bank of the lake too.

Loch Ness

2. Edinburgh Castle

This fine example of a medieval fort is one of the main historic and heritage related attractions of the country. This castle is situated on the top of a rock in the city of Edinburgh. The approach is through a drawbridge. Two statues of national heroes of the country William Wallace and Robert Bruce also can be seen on the way. This castle had played great role in the war of independence of Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle

3. Stirling

Between Edinburgh and Glasgow, Stirling is a place that has mesmerizing rocky beauty and extreme importance in the history of Scotland. Great battles were fought in Stirling. Heroes like William Wallace and particularly Robert Bruce defeated English army here in Stirling. Stirling castle and Monument of Wallace are attractions of the area.


4. National Museum of Scotland

While staying and visiting Edinburgh it is advised to a visitor to visit the National Museum of Scotland first. If you want to gather information on the history of the country this museum will certainly help you. It has a section about Scottish antiquities, culture and history along with other important sections a national museum usually has.

National Museum of Scotland

5. The Isle of Skye

This can be called as heaven on earth. A must visit place for visitors who wish to visit Scotland for natural beauty. With amazing rocky features, sea beaches, magical waterfalls, prehistoric forests, great collection of wild life, caves, lush green valleys etc the place has an appeal that no nature lover can ignore.

The Isle of Skye

6. Loch Lomond

Sir Walter Scott, the famous writer once told that this lake was the queen of lakes in Scotland. Situated near Glasgow the surrounding beauty mesmerizes the visitors who come to visit the lake. There are arrangements for enthusiastic tourists who want to engage in various types of water sports also. Tourists can see the beautiful Scottish castle of Fort William Cameron House situated at the south of the lake too.

Loch Lomond

7. St. Giles Cathedral

The prime place for religious practice in the city of Edinburgh is the cathedral of St. Giles.  Although history of this great looking church is almost thousand years old still the present structure can be dated back to 14th century. The sight itself can make a visitor awestruck. This is the mother church of Presbyterianism in Edinburgh. Another interesting fact about the church is that it houses the memorial of famous writer Robert Louis Stevenson.

St. Giles Cathedral

8. Scottish National Gallery

Now a must visit place in Scotland for lovers of art and paintings. The place is Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh which houses huge collection of paintings by renowned artists. But the main attraction of the art gallery is the collection of paintings by Scottish artists. The research library of the place offers great research opportunity to people who want to carry out research on art of the country.

Scottish National Gallery

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