10 Places To Visit In Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands; a travelers bucket list item, a sparsely populated region rich in history, culture and natural beauty is a sight to behold! The sight of the mist, purplish mountain ranges, bagpipers, olden day castles, romance, clans and what not! The exotic sceneries and natural beauty, small winding roads, tranquility, an idealized past and so much more, this is sure a place to be! Where the weather need not always suit your liking, it may change every hour from sunny to rainy, the rains surely brings the best in the waterfalls of the region without doubts! Often doted to be the soul of Scotland, here is Scottish Highlands for you, the best and the loveliest of the places that you would not want to miss.

The Top 10 Places To Visit In Scottish Highlands Are:

1. Fort William And Ben Nevis

While the Ben Nevis is Britain’s highest mountain peak located at a height of 4046 feet and can be reachable given that the weather is blessing you! However, the peak being at such a height is mostly covered in heavy mist and a drive to the lovely Glen Nevis is a better idea so that you can see the waterfall in the area. The Fort William is located at the base of the mountain and is full of shopping options along with the West Highland Museum which is a must visit.

Fort William And Ben Nevis

2. Eilean Donan Castle

This castle can bring back your childhood memories of stories being read out! This one is a 13th century island fortress of clan Macrae restored to its limit. Cameras are a must for sure and in case you are driving past it, get down and pay tribute.

Eilean Donan Castle

3. The Road To Applecross

Applecross a small coastal village of the region is a car ride which will prove to be adrenaline rushing and exciting as ever! Reason? The road goes up to 2000 feet with switchbacks, twist and turns and passes the “Pass of the Sheep”. While the view is amazing up there, the down ride is another adrenaline rush till you reach Applegate!

The Road To Applecross

4. Ullapool Delightful Grid

This one is another lovely and tidy village where all the streets have Gaelic names along with boasting of a museum, boat ride options, ferries to the Western Islands, trip to the Assynt Mountains and yes, so not forget to stop by the Corrieshalloch Gorge while on the way!

Ullapool Delightful Grid

5. Gairloch Heritage Museum

In case you feel history is amazing and interesting, this can be your go- to place indeed! This small local museum has all the olden day demonstrations of corn- milling, butter-churning, spinning and a lot more! Go and immerse in the fun!

Gairloch Heritage Museum

6. Loch Ness

The celebrity of the region, Loch Ness was a part of what was created in the Ice Age when glaciers dug a trench which resulted into a split in the land mass of Scotland and the valley that resulted in is known as the Great Glen today! Well, want to see it? Get hold of a boat and then look for the Loch Ness which has a characteristic Nessie- finding gear and yes, you might skip a heart beat once you see the ruins of the Urquhart Castle for sure! Shouldn’t this be spectacular? Bet it would!

Loch Ness

7. Ardnamurchan

The peninsular region in the Scottish Highland houses some of the sweetest of villages, rugged mountain range and great roads to ride on. Follow them till you reach the beach side which is extremely welcoming. The Archaracle is a famous hangout place for musicians, check out the Kilchoan Town where you can catch a ferry till Mull and yes, the Glenmore town houses the Natural History Center which beholds a “Living Building”, oh yes!


8. Inverewe Gardens

The Inverewe Gardens are a child of Osgood Mackenzie who nurtured the place into fertility way back in the 1862s and made it to be the world famous Highland Gardens! It is worth a drive and check the array of greenery in it. The best part, you would be surprised at its location and the lovely warm air that you find in the region!

Inverewe Gardens

9. Dornoch Cathedral

Ah ha! Church, this is a lovely 13th century built cathedral which caught the fancy of Madonna who chose it as her wedding venue. Need we say more? Guess not!

Dornoch Cathedral

10. Plockton

Any day a forerunner as Scotland’s prettiest coastal village located at the west, Plockton boasts of palm trees, sea and rare breeds of animal farm that you cannot imagine. Go and check for yourself!


The above mentioned places are totally worth visiting!

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