8 Best Places Visit In Herefordshire In England

Herefordshire is a county in England with a ceremonial and historical background. It is a rural and nonmetropolitan area situated in West Midlands. The population is very less and the land area is mostly used for agriculture purposes. There are many public leisure facilities, clubs, and societies in the county including water sports and rowing club. Sports club for squash and tennis are also popular among people. The music clubs have orchestra groups. Annual choir festivals and art exhibitions are also organized in Herefordshire. The city has local radio stations, theater, cinema halls, and charity music school. There are many beautiful places that one must visit in the county. We will suggest some best places to see here.

Following Are The 8 Best Places To Visit In Herefordshire In England:

1. Hereford

The cathedral, old house and Victorian machinery in Hereford are famous sites. The architecture and interiors of the medieval Cathedral in the Herefordshire County are very beautiful and worth seeing. See the Hereford Mappa Mundi that is displayed inside teh cathedral. It is a vellum or calfskin medieval map made in 1300s. The Old House has a museum. It is a timber-framed house. The Victorian machinery is located near riverside Waterworks.


2. Ross-On-Wye

Ross-on-Wye situated in East Herefordshire is a town that is the birthplace of tourism in England. The river scenery of the Wye valley is very beautiful and it attracts the tourists. It has beautiful castles and abbeys that are must-see attractions. The Parish Church has tall pointed spire and it is a very old building. The Plague Cross in the church is a memorial of plague victims if 1637. There are many shops, streets and markets in the area. The Prospect with the famous horseshoe bend view of Wye is a public garden. Wilton Castle situated in West Herefordshire has restored ruins that people like to see. Sculptures of the town are worth seeing.


3. Kington

Kington market town is situated near the Wales border. The city is famous for sports like gold and cycling. The Golf Club has wooden shelters for protecting golfers during bad weather conditions. Marin Cycle Ride is organized in the town. Tourists come to see the museum from April-September. You can see the Hergest Croft Gardens from March-October. The town also has Marine twinning that includes residential side street and a market hall area.


4. Golden Valley

The Golden Valley situated in West Herefordshire has a gently rolling countryside and it is in the surroundings of River Dore. Some famous villages of this valley region are Dorstone and Abbey Dore. Arthur’s Stone, a chamber tomb attracts visitors, as it is a very old man made structure. Music concerts are held in the summers in Dore Abbey, a type of monastery. The Bacton Church was made in 1578 and it has stone depictions of First World War medal ribbons. Ewyas Harold Castle and Bailey Castle in the Golden Valley are worth seeing. The Toll Bridge is another famous attraction of this area.

Golden Valley

5. Bromyard

Bromyard is a famous market town with houses that have a flat front and with frames made of timber. The street is crescent shaped. The inns and shops of this area are very old. The Ralph Court Gardens situated on the base of Gothic rectory has a group of twelve international gardens. The summer festivals organized in Bromyard show the community spirit of the area. Festivals for marmalade and jazz are famous among people. You can enjoy traditional English music in folk festival organized during the month of September.


6. Pembridge

Pembridge village situated in Herefordshire is famous for beautiful hamlets like Bearwood, Marston and Weston. The sandstone bridge is a beautiful attraction on the Arrow River. The Parish Church is very old made in the twelfth century. Its arcades have circular windows. The north porch is vaulted. The church has pulpit preachers desk, rood stair turret and communion rail. Pembridge is famous for timber-framed bell towers.


7. Ledbury

Ledbury situated in East Herefordshire is another market town. There are many timber-framed buildings including the Church Lane. The Market House, Parish Church Painted Room, Old Grammar School and the Clock Tower are some famous places of this area. Many recreations sites are there in Ledbury. Poetry Festival and Community Day are organized. The Big Chill is also organized. The Market Theatre in the town centre is a famous place.


8. Leominster

Leominster has half-timbered buildings like the Grange Hall. The best way to explore this area is by walking on the foot. The beams situated on the front side of the buildings have seventeenth-century carvings. You can see the undamaged parts in the old and saved monasteries. Some sites worth seeing are the medieval ducking stool and country estates. People visit them in the summers. Excursions are also organized here.


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