9 Best Places Visit In Northamptonshire In England

Northamptonshire is one of the counties in England surrounded by several more counties. It has an oceanic climate. The countryside area has very less population with remains of ancient times dating to the Neolithic period. On the other hand, the towns are big in size with a large population. The watershed area has several rivers. Sports like rugby, football, cricket and motor sports are very popular here. There is a league system in the football clubs. Swimming and diving are also popular. Rock and pop music are enjoyed by people. The county has market squares and leisure parks. Carnivals, beer festival, races, and fairs are organized for the public. There are many beautiful places to visit in Northamptonshire. We will suggest some best places to visit here.Following are the 9 best places visit in Northamptonshire in England.

Following Are The 9 Best Places Visit In Northamptonshire In England

1. Catanger Llamas

Catanger Llamas has a large number of idyllic villages with an amazing beauty. It is located in the center of the Northamptonshire countryside. The area is very quiet and there is an unspoiled beauty here. People like to do trekking in the area. Advanced booking has to be done for trekking. Breeding of llama animals is done in the summers. Goods of llama fiber and other items are sold in gift shops made of log cabins. The place is ideal for children parties and farm trekking.

Catanger Llamas

2. Corby

Corby was a steel town in the olden times. At present, Scottish people live here. There are many sightseeing places in the area with beautiful country estates that lie external to the town. It includes Kirby Hall with regal houses. There are lovely gardens and summer attractions like boulevards. The memories of English Civil War are depicted in medieval Rockingham Castle.


3. Lyveden New Bield Garden

Lyveden New Bield Garden is situated in the rural Northamptonshire. It has been preserved from the times of Elizabeth age. You must explore the garden lodge. There are spiral mounts in the garden. See the canals and terraces of this place. The apple and pear orchards are very good for strolling around and enjoying the natural beauty. Villages and meadows are situated in the surrounding area of the circular path in the garden. After you finish exploring the garden, sit and enjoy in the tearoom.

Lyveden New Bield Garden

4. Tanks A Lot

Tanks A Lot is a spring farm in Northamptonshire that offers tank driving, car crushing and tank limo hire. The place is ideal for organizing stag and hen parties. There is option for corporate entertainment and special corporate days are fixed. You can drive in the tanks for occasions like birthdays, weddings, television, and film events. You can book vouchers for military experience activities and Monty tank driving. Briefing is done for military activities and you can drive military vehicles.

Tanks A Lot

5. Oundle

Oundle is a historic town having buildings made of limestone. The limestone material has golden touches on it. Fortheringhay Castle in the external area of the town has very little remaining part at present. There are many old pubs in the area some as old as the seventeenth century. The town is good for wandering around and exploring the different places.


6. 78 Derngate

78 Derngate in the Northampton county area is a type of Georgian house that was remodelled in 1916 and 1917. The rear part has elevated balconies over the meadowland. Guided tours are available to explore the area in small groups. You can also enjoy self-guided visit to the house. There are stylish shops, boutique restaurants, museums and art galleries in it. It is a best place for enjoying tea and food. Business meetings and events are organized in the area. The architecture and interiors of the place is amazingly beautiful and original.

78 Derngate

7. Higham Ferrers

Higham Ferrers is a historical minor settlement with remains of period properties from the olden times. The spire of St. Mary’s Church was made in the thirteenth century. You can see the original architecture and mason carted stonework. The College Street was made in 1422. It is a historic place that has remains of college. Art exhibitions are organized in the hall of this area.

Higham Ferrers

8. Cannons Ashby

Cannons Ashby is a peaceful Tudor manor house having beautiful terrace gardens. It is an ideal location for picnic and holiday in the summers. With beautiful flowers in the garden and swallows in the courtyard, it is a good picnic spot to take the whole family. There are many beautiful walk areas like Miss Alice landscape walk and parkland walk with historical buildings and splendid views in the surrounding area. Children can enjoy kite flying, making grass trumpets and bird watching with binoculars.

Cannons Ashby

9. Rushden

Rushden is an urban area big in size with St. Mary’s Church, a medieval building. The Hall Park area is full of people who like to visit the lawns and paths. Exhibitions are held here in the summer season. Rushed Transport Museum has relics of railways from the olden times. Victorian train station in this place has been preserved. Ale bar for adults is a nice place to visit in Rushden.


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