Top 10 Things To Do In Prague

Prague is a European city located in the North Western part of Vitava River. The city boasts a rich history that dates back to Gothic and Renaissance periods. It is also a capital of Czechoslovakia. The city has many cultural sites that are the remains left after twentieth-century destruction. Prague is an urban city with modern transportation and a huge network of schools and universities. Tourists from the whole world visit the city to see the amazing sights, museums, and architecture. The old town of the city is famous for synagogues, municipal house, palace and town square. The new town is known for museums, theaters, monastery, and squares. Apart from visiting these places, you can do many other things in Prague.

The Following Are The Top 10 Things To Do In Prague:

1. Visit The Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is an amazing place to spend time. King Charles IV first made the seventeen hundred feet long bridge. Painters sit on the bridge in the afternoon time to paint the River Vltava and its surrounding area. There are a large number of arches and statues along the bridge. Hot dog sellers crowd in this place to attract the food lovers. Constructed out of cobblestone, the bridge is very good for enjoying sunrise in early morning hours.

Visit The Charles Bridge

2. Spend Time In Mala Strana

You must visit the Mala Strana, which is a district with palaces, gardens, pubs, restaurants and Baroque buildings. It is situated at the ending part of the Castle Bridge. Street houses display the signs of animals like horses, eagles and swans. This area has many squares, churches, and shops.

Spend Time In Mala Strana

3. Visit Galleries And Museums In The Prague Castle

Situated on the left side of the River Vltava, the Prague Castle is very popular among the tourists who visit it to see towers and palaces located on it. The castle looks like a historic fortress. It was the office of the kings and monarchs in the olden times. You must visit the galleries and museums situated inside the castle. Entry tickets are available for short and long tours inside the area.

Visit Galleries And Museums In The Prague Castle

4. Spend Time In The Loreta Church

When you visit the above Prague castle, you must also see the Loreta church situated near it. This is a pilgrimage site related to the living area of the Virgin Mary’s. Visitors like to see the fresco pieces and the treasure diamonds in this church. A bell rings in the church at every one-hour interval.

Spend Time In The Loreta Church

5. Watch Opera And Ballet In The National Theater

Enjoy opera and ballet shows in the National Theater. It is an excellent place for theater lovers. The theater is situated near the Legion Bridge. The ticket for an afternoon performance costs less than other times of the day. If you cannot understand the local language, you have the benefit of reading English subtitles. You can reach the theater by taking a tram.

Watch Opera And Ballet In The National Theater

6. Enjoy The View From The Petrin Watchtower

The Petrin Watchtower is a replica of the famous Eiffel tower. The tower has a building as a base located at its bottom part. Made of a steel framework, the tower does not have legs. You can reach the tower through the Petrin Park. A large number of tourists visit the tower and enjoy watching through it. You can go to the upper part of the tower that has an exit point near Stefanik observatory. There are two cafeterias in the premises of Petrin Watchtower.

Enjoy The View From The Petrin Watchtower

7. Taste Food At The Dancing House

If you visit Prague, you must enjoy food and drinks in the Dancing House. This building has offices at its lower part while its upper portion has restaurants and bars. The building was designed by Croatian and American architects and it was finished in 1996. The bar has a path that goes to the roof. People like to enjoy tea and chocolates in this place along with a spectacular city view from its upper area.

Taste Food At The Dancing House

8. Enjoy Time In Old Town Square

Old Town Square is a busy area with crowds of tourists wanting to explore and enjoy at this place. The place has historical significance with ancient streets located on it. People like to enjoy food at the alfresco restaurants in the square. There are many architectural wonders to see. You can enjoy shows by street performers. The square is lively with sounds of music by musicians.

Enjoy Time In Old Town Square

9. Experience The Gone Era At The Museum Of Communism

Museum of Communism displays items and installations related to politics, history, sports and other areas of life that is based on a theme of communism. Enjoy watching authentic artifacts in this museum. Cinema lovers can watch film screenings. The items kept in the museum help in understanding and knowing the difficult life during the time of communism.

Experience The Gone Era At The Museum Of Communism

10. Enjoy Artwork At The National Gallery

If you are an art lover, you must visit the National Gallery having a huge collection of artwork. It is an architectural building with artwork displayed inside the Veletrzni Palace. The paintings and artwork made by famous Czech artists can be seen here. Apart from paintings, the gallery has a collection of photographs and sculpture too. People like to see Asian, Greek, European and Roman art. It has Baroque collections too.

Enjoy Artwork At The National Gallery

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