Top 12 Tourist Attractions In Mexico

The colourful nation of Mexico is at the southern end of North America and has the USA to the north, gulf of Mexico to the east, Caribbean sea and Guatemala to the south-east and the pacific ocean lined in the west and southern borders. Three centuries of Spanish rule in this country has left an indelible impression on the culture, history and lifestyle of Mexico.

About 90% of the population speaks Spanish and the Mexico city is the capital city.The tropic of cancer divides the country into 2 climatic zones, the tropical and the temperate. The nation has a large number of tourists visiting the country every year. The diverse cultures, the Caribbean and pacific beaches, landscapes, and tequila and corona beer, and much more, have long since lured the inquisitive traveller to its lands.

Let Us Find Out The Places Of Visit In Mexico-

1. The Tequila Express-

The town of Guadalajara is the home for the export of Tequila, situated amidst the fields of blue agave, a plant from which this liquor is derived. The tequila express takes you to the town, covering these lush fields, with a fun journey where tourists are given a taste of this drink while travelling.

The Tequila Express

2. The City Of Teotihuacan-

Lying at the north-east of the Mexico city is the city of Teotihuacan, which has a rich history and is the home of the magnificent pyramids, the sun pyramid being the most famous. The pyramid of the moon was later constructed and these places are places of pilgrimage.

The City Of Teotihuacan

3. Chichen Itza-

This city is a popular tourist destination and is situated at the Yucatan peninsula and is famous for its observatories. The temple-pyramid of El Castillo is the biggest attraction which has 4 phases with 91 steps on each side and adds up to 365 with a common stair in the middle. The Ballcourt and the EI Caraco are other monuments to be visited in this city and they too have a scientific and astronomical significance.

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Chichen Itza

4. Day Of The Dead-

Janitzio is an island on the lake of Patzcuaro, which celebrates the Mexico’s day of the dead festival. Candlelit boats take the villagers to this island where they decorate the tombs of their loved ones.

This festival starts at the end of October , where the locals believe in the return of the spirits of their loved lost ones on 1st and 2nd November, which is marked as all souls day throughout Mexico.

Visitors are welcome to see the decorations and celebrations of the enthusiastic locals. Oaxaca is the city that is known to have the best celebrations to mark this day.

Day Of The Dead

5. Cozumel-

Cozumel island is just off the Yucatan peninsula and is known for its exotic marine life, and unique coral formations. Snorkelling and scuba diving are popular sports here and the National marine park is one of the most prized possession of this nation, with its diverse variety of fish and amazing coral reefs.


6. Los Cabos-

The southern tip of Baja peninsula houses the beautiful beaches of Las Cabos,San Lucas, and San Jose. Los Cabos is spread over 20 miles and is home to beautiful resorts and exotic restaurants and fine dining places. Water sports are prevalent here and the sport of fishing is one of the best in the world. Whales are often observed here in the winter months in the pacific ocean.

Los Cabos

7. Palenque-

If you are an avid architecture admirer, this place is meant for you. It is located in the Chiapas state of Mexico and showcases the beautiful sculptures and archItectural marvels of the Maya empire built between 600 AD and 800 AD.


8. Copper Canyon-

The copper canyon is the combination of various small and big canyons put together and thus, it forms a structure greater than the great canyon too. The Chihuahua Al pacifico railways take you on a tour through the 37 bridges and 86 tunnels, giving a breathtaking glimpse of the spectacular view below.

Copper Canyon

9. Tulum Beach-

Situated on the east coast of the Yucatan peninsula, the tropical beach is of scenic beauty and the sunrise here is not to be missed. The ruins of the temples dedicated to the setting sun can also be explored in this region and this place offers all kinds of accommodation from cabanas to luxury resorts.

Tulum Beach

10. Cancun-

The famous party place in Mexico, which can house 15000 people for beach parties that continue from the night into the day. The place thrives of American students and spring breaks are the most happening party season.


11. Acapulco-

This was the earliest resort towns of this nation, where celebrities and millionaires came to unwind and enjoy the beach. Mexicans and Americans both visit this popular tourist spot and the cliff diving is a special attraction  seeing the professional divers take a plunge into the deep sea.


12. Taxco-

This town is located in the Mexican state of Guerrero, and is famous for the silver mining and the manufacture of silver jewellery. The beautiful homes, picturesque churches and chapels and exotic landscapes make this city worth a visit and its fun to explore the town on foot though it consists of steep streets and irregular alleys with rugged terrain.


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