6 Famous Buildings In Netherland You Must Not Miss

Famous Buildings In Netherland

Netherland, a place full of canals and the beautiful buildings has a lot to offer to the eyes of the visitors. In Netherlands, it is mainly Rotterdam that is considered the world capital of architecture. The awe-inspiring building with the finest architecture, bathing in extraordinary art and design, are must not miss. In Netherlands, there is a lot to see therefore, whenever you visit here, come planned else you would be missing such important surprises that are mentioned down here. Do go through these buildings and try being here whenever you plan your trip to Netherlands.

6 Famous Buildings You Must Not Miss In Netherlands

1. Cube House

The building was built in the year 1982-1984 and it won award for its beautiful design. From this building, one can experience a matchless living experience. Inside the building there are 40 dwellings that are formed in the shape of cube and each one is landing on the concrete pillars giving the impression that so many tree have clustered together to make a forest. At each cube, there are 3 floors, each offering a panoramic view. At the tree trunks i.e. on the street level, you will find various shops, children’s playground and the school. Being in this building means making lots of beautiful memory.

Cube House

2. Nieuwe Luxor Theatre

It is also recognized as the prettiest theatre of Netherlands. Situated along the river, the painted scarlet remind the passer-by of the attractive red in the traditional stage curtains. The expansive interior of the building has lots of staircases, glass columns and amongst these several viewpoints. From both the foyer and the rooftop terrace, the viewer can enjoy the unrivalled panoramic view. It was built in 1996 and was completed in 2001 with its designs given by the architect bolles and Wilson. Today, this theater makes a famous destination for visitors and offers world-class production for all the ages.

Nieuwe Luxor Theatre

3. Maastoren

Maastoren in Netherlands are the pair of the tallest buildings built along the river side. The Maastoren was constructed in 2006 and 2010 and are made of aluminum which grows light in color as each tower looms towards the sky. Also each tower of the building has a glass viewing gallery that makes it even magnificent and wonderful to look at. The tallest pair of the Maastoren rises till 181 meters and also has 44 floors while the other soars up to around 100 meters. Today, these buildings are the home of several corporations but sadly for regular visitors, the gates are not opened. However, its location and its admirable view can be enjoyed from several spots along the rover Maas.


4. Grote Of Sint-Laurenskerk

This church located in Rotterdam is one of the few historic building reminding of the Gothic Architecture. Be it any Christian celebration or the event in the city, this church always makes the venue. Its exalted interior is always occupied with the concerts, services and the lectures. It was mid 1400s when the church was established but was restored in 1950s after going through the mayhem of wartimes bombing. This is the church with every corner made breathtaking but the fourth organ of the unique copper choir is the largest in the country with its high-flown doors given the design by the famous Italian artist known as Manzu in 1968. If you like to visit this church, then visit from Tuesday to Saturday.

Grote Of Sint-Laurenskerk

5. The Market Hall, Rotterdam

This market hall is the absolute achievement of functionality and fun. Stunning to look at, it holds about 200 apartments and offices and at the same time covers the public space and the market hall. The exterior arches are made with stones grey in color and the interior portion is in the shape of perfect and beautiful horseshoe where the food market is set up at daytime. The interior of this horseshoe shaped building is portrayed with vegetables, flowers, insects and fruits in colorful style. This building is the clear proof of how art and architecture can survive together.

The Market Hall, Rotterdam

6. Witte Huis

Constructed from 1897 to 1898, this building is a clear proof of the attempt to par with the innovation of the US architecture. This 45 meter building in Netherlands was the first skyscraper of Netherlands and remained as the tallest office building in the whole of Europe for several years. Its design is inspired by the Art Nouveau style which can be encountered when you visit to New York but still it imbibes offcuts of the traditional art by using steel or stone. Today, this admirable building remains a center of the Rotterdam life and also has the grand café het Witte Huis on its ground floor.

Witte Huis

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