8 Travel Destinations In Netherland

The country of windmills, quaint Dutch houses, cannabis coffee shops, legalised prostitution and crazy cyclists, The Netherlands is an amazing country, which will surely give visitors the experience of a lifetime.

Some Of The Must Visit Travel Destinations In The Netherlands Are Mentioned Below:

1. Amsterdam

We have all at least once in our life dreamt of going to Amsterdam. There is just so much to see and do in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has the most number of museums than any other city in the world.

Some must visit museums are the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank’s house, Rijksmuseum, cat museum (which is in a houseboat floating on a canal), sex museum, tulip museum, erotica museum…

the list will never end. Walk down straight from the Centraal Station and you will enter streets full of coffeeshops, sex shops and youth hostels; turn left and you will enter the famous Red Light District ensuring you why it is the ultimate bachelor destination. Of course, there is the ‘Nangen Stratjes’ or the nine streets for the shopaholic in you and Vondelpark if you are looking for some greenery.


2. The Hague

Den Haag or the City of Justice is where the prestigious International Court of Justice is situated. The Hague is synonymous to being the capital of peace and justice as thousands of international organisations are situated here such as the International Court of Arbitration, International criminal Court, The Hague Coalition of Private International Law and many more.

This city also has a very happening city- centre.

The Centrum is the shopping district where all big brands can be found. For an evening scene to relax and chill with your friends there is no better place than Grote Markt- a square with seating in the centre surrounded by restaurants on all four sides. The Hague also has the Scheveningen beach and many amazing museums such as the Escher Museum, Mauritshuis (which houses Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring) and Mesdag Museum.

The Hague

3. Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the most architecturally modern of all Dutch cities today but it was once a 13th century fishing village. Rotterdam has always been one of the most important ports in the world and it still is. While Rotterdam may have become modern it still boasts of its heritage- the Delfshaven area is a testament to that. The Erasmus Bridge is dominates Rotterdam’s modern look- it is unique and a highly lauded work of art. If one needs a change from the usual Dutch canal cities, Rotterdam is a great place to visit as not only is it historically important but every building is an architectural marvel.


4. Utrecht

Utrecht instantly transfers one to the Middle Ages. The city is famous for its unique inner canal wharf system that was built to keep Rhine river (flowing from Germany) from invading the city. A must visit is the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Martin, which too 200 years to build starting in 1254.


5. Gouda

This place is for the love of cheese! One of the most popular and tasty types of Cheese- Gouda is named after the city it is made in. A typical small Dutch city with lots of buildings and canals, Gouda is the perfect day trip destination. A must visit is the 15th century town hall and the glass windows and church accordion of St. Janskerk (church).


6. Delft

Delft is exactly how one imagines The Netherlands to be. The city has lots of traditional Dutch houses and many pretty canals. The Renaissance City Hall on the Markt square adds a fascinating charm to this little town. Must visit places are the The Prinsenhof and Johannes Vermeer Museum. The famous painter Vermeer was born in Delft and so was Hugo Grotius, the famous jurist. Delft is also famous for blue and white Delft pottery.


7. Leiden

Leiden is very picturesque, mostly because of the tree- lined canals, wooden bridges and old windmills. Leiden is famous for housing one of the best universities in the world. It is a must for a visitor to take a boat tour on the canals of Leiden to have an experience of a lifetime. The visitors can climb up to De Burcht for a beautiful view of the city, visit the Hortus Botanicus that has world’s oldest academic observatory and observe the intricate architecture of Church of St. Peter.


8. Maastricht

Maastricht is popular for its exciting city centre. Must visit places are the St. Servatius Church, Saint Jan’s Cathedral, St. Pietersberg caves and the old fortifications. The city centre bustles with cafés, bars and galleries.


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