Top 6 Honeymoon Hotels In Netherland

Honeymoon Hotels In Netherlands

Netherland, a place famous for the historic building in Amsterdam is beautiful and makes an amazing choice for spending honeymoon. A honeymoon at a place where the surrounding itself showers romance and love is memorable and what every couple looks for. If you too are the same then pack your bags and fly for Netherlands because here you can stay in the most romantic hotels ever with amazing view. Among many hotels, top 6 are chosen for the couples. These are mentioned down here. Do check these out and be ready to increase the parameter of your romance and love.

Top 6 Honeymoon Hotels In Netherlands:

1. West Cord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam

This four star hotel is situated opposite to the world fashion center of Netherlands. The fantastic hotel is located at a fantastic location. It is not only for couples but suits for business stay as well. The 260 spacious rooms give you the wide choice apart from the facilities like free Wi-Fi internet, restaurant bar with linked to the terrace. The SKYY bar situated on the 10th floor makes a perfect place for enjoying ones cocktail and also gives the amazing sight. Do not miss this hotel if you happen to be in Netherlands.

Visit West Cord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam

West Cord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam

2. CitizenM Amsterdam

Talking about a honeymoon hotel in Netherlands and missing this hotel, never happening. Just by the first sight of this hotel, it looks grand. Located at 10 minutes distance from the city center, CitizenM boasts of about 215 spacious rooms that too at affordable rates.

The beautiful dining site, contemporary living rooms decked with the iconic furniture, exclusive design mesmerizes every single guest.

What’s special about this hotel is the hi-tech MoodPad which can be used to control to amenities of the hotel like temperature, lighting, shower and all. Must check out the hotel for its special prizes and the exclusive offers.

Visit CitizenM Amsterdam

CitizenM Amsterdam

3. Banks Mansion

Exceptional hostility along with high class facility is what every guests looking for a hotel searches for. Well, if you too are in the same quest, check out the Banks Mansion. Here, you will be welcomed in a grand style and will be given access to all the basic facilities that can make your honeymoon exceptionally amazing. What you will get in this hotel is free Wi-Fi, bar, lounge, business center, room service, and free breakfast. Beautiful surrounding, decorated rooms, friendly and helpful staff are always the paragon of this hotel.

Visit Banks Mansion

Banks Mansion

4. Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Center

This hotel really is like a beautiful crown with highly cleaned, decorated & spacious rooms. The staff with the friendly nature and remarkable etiquettes impresses every visitor. In this hotel, you will receive every kind of facility, be it rooms service or the internet.

Being situated in the excellent location, it is really very easy for the visitors and the guests to make way to this hotel.

Recently, it has been recognized as a wonderful honeymoon hotel by the couples. There are many factors responsible for this such as beauty, view, surrounding, facilities, easy access and then friendly environment. Do check out the special offers that the hotel announces from time to time.

Visit Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Center

Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Center

5. Hotel Estherea

If luxury, romance and uniqueness is what you seek for in a hotel then you should come and check this one. The hotel is located in the heart of the city in a row of the historic buildings where the major canal lies as well.

The comfortable surrounding adds only a chandelier to what lies inside the hotel.

It was 1940s when Estherea first opened its doors to the public and at present, it is the third generation that runs this hotel. Within the span of 60 years, you will be awestruck to notice that so much has still remained unchanged. Still 92 rooms of this hotel were renovated recently. Apart from its beauty there is so much to enjoy in this hotel such as room service, fitness center, and bar, lounge free Wi-Fi and many more.

Visit Hotel Estherea

Hotel Estherea

6. Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

Sofitel legend is furnished with the elegance and the grandeur in the French style. Every single day, the hotel welcomes a variety of guests and visitors from the trendy elite to the royal couples or the popular international celebrities. The design and the historic captivate of each room, hallways, restaurants, gardens and the terrace seduces every visitor to prolong their stay.

The grand Sofitel Legend has about 177 spacious rooms which includes 52 luxurious suites out of which 14 are individually designed apartments.

Every corner of the hotel depicts history which is blended with the modern architecture in numerous ways. It is not just the hotel that you will feel mesmerized about but also the outside scenery and the magnificent view.

Visit Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

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