5 Best Beaches In Greece

Greece is a wonderful country that is rich with excellent architectures and spectacular locations. The ‘democracy’ is believed to have born here and it is the stepping stone when it comes to the growth and development of the Western philosophy and literary treasures. Greece is also a home to numerous beaches that are facilitated with adventurous sporting activities for individuals or family.

Let Us Have A Glance At 5 Best Beaches Which Are Splendid And Outlandish In Their Own Way.

1. Kalathos Beach

The south-east part of Rhodes is populated with some of the best beaches of Greece. Kalathos is one among them. This splendorous beach is exotic as well as rejuvenating to the travellers. The clean and brisk beach water of the beach and the warm sand on the coarse side is a peculiarity of Kalathos Beach. In the proximity is a five-star rated hotel called the Atrium Palace Hotel, which host novelty pools, golf courses, vast playgrounds with tennis court and many other recreational spots. The quiet rooms, multifarious restaurants and private pools are its specialities.

Kalathos Beach

2. Elafonisi Beach

Probably one of the best beaches in Greece, the Elafonisi beach is situated on the southern coast of Crete. The blue waters of the beach, the tepid sands of the beach relax the tourists in the most ardent way possible. Only a few small hotels and restaurants are located in its close proximity. The most recommended hotel here is the Elafonisi Resort which is run from decades by the Kalomirakis family. It takes only an hour ride from here to reach the delightful town of Paleochora. You could stay at the moderately priced Caravella Luxury apartments or the Aris Hotels when in Paleochora.

Elafonisi Beach

3. Kamares Beach

Greek Islands are famous for its calm and tranquil surroundings. Kamares Beach in Sifnos, a calm Island in west Cyclades, is a sheer example of infinite tranquillity and composure. The waters of Kamares beach are shallow and mostly a perfect spot for children. The location is well equipped with exotic taverns and cosmopolitan restaurants. If you have a moderate or adequate budget better stay at the Delfini Hotel in the vicinity.

Kamares Beach

4. Velanio Beach

This wonderful beach is situated in Skopelos; an area with sublime bays and rock-top sanctuaries which has a widely grown popularity which is evident by its filming in the 2007 movie ‘Mamma Mia’. It is considered as the longest beach in the locality with a 600m scenic beauty that is never left unexploited by the tourists. Mando in the neighbourhood is well-appointed with lodging facilities which delightfully offer sea view balconies, private pools and luxurious guestrooms.

Velanio Beach

5. Ornos Beach

Greece is impressively embraced with entangling beaches which are a perfect weekend getaway for local as well as international tourists. One among them is the Ornos Beach of Mykonos. It is popular for its great sand and the soothing beach water. This prominent beach is a perfect place for family or friends. A 10 minute bus ride from the Mykonos town will leave you at this remarkable tourist destination. Preferred luxurious hotels to stay in the vicinity are Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel and Santa Marina Resort & Villas. Mykonos View Hotel in the town is best for budget tourists.

Ornos Beach
Therefore above mentioned beaches are the best 5 beaches in Greece that await your attendance for the exploitation of natural marvels in the best way possible.

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