10 Best Places To Visit In Ghana

Did you think of Ghana as your next holiday destination? No? You should. Be an adventurer who is on the go or a beach lover who wants to laze around or the souvenir shopper, don’t worry, Ghana has got you covered. If you haven’t yet come to Ghana, then it is the time for you to come and see the attractive places over here.

For The City Dweller And Souvenir Shopper:

1. Accra

Accra, the Ghana’s Capital is a bustling city with various tourists attraction like the National museum, Makola Market and beaches just a drive away. Ever bustling with activity the Makola market is worth visiting if you are ready to face the crowd and bargain with the shopkeepers.


2. Kumasi

Kumasi is the second largest city of Ghana. Its history is rich and its present is livelier and exciting. The Kejetia Market is filled with artifacts from the Ashanti artisans, gold ornaments and jewellery. You can visit the Manhyia Palace Museum where the royal clan from the Ashanti Kingdom live even today.


For The History And Adventure Buffs:

3. Cape Coast Castle

If you are the type that loves adventure and history, the Cape Coast Castle is a must on your visit list. The Atlantic Coast is bordered with castles and forts by various European rulers throughout the 17th Century. One of the best among them is the Cape Coast Castle which is now converted to a museum with guided tours through the dungeons.

Cape Coast Castle

4. St George’s Castle

Not far from the Cape Coast Castle is the St George’s Castle, Elmina. The West Indies Company head quartered here mainly for slave and gold exports. A guided tour through the dungeons would tell you the gruesome stories of slavery. Must visit place for history buffs.

St George's Castle

For The Nature Watchers, Animal Enthusiasts And Bird Watchers:

5. Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is home to African elephants, buffaloes and 60+ other species of animals. A stroll on the canopy walkway is the main tourist attraction as it is built 30m above the ground and about 400m in length. The park also attracts campers who want to stay overnight to enjoy the peace with nature.

Kakum National Park

6. Mole National Park

Being the largest wild park of Africa, most indigenous animals like buffalo, elephants, warthogs, antelope are spotted easily by tourists. The walk safari or the Jeep drive are much sought after.

Mole National Park

For The Beach Lovers:

7. Kokrobite Beach

If you are beach and music lover, you cannot afford to miss Kokrobite Beach. Not only it has some lovely beach waves but also is near to the Academy of African Music and Art (AAMA), which attracts musicians from all over the world.

Kokrobite Beach

8. Busua Beach

Beach Waves, musicians, Ghanaian Rastafarians, and beach shacks with Ghanian food and drinks, if this is your ideal vacation spot, you cannot go wrong with Busua. Far from the crowd and rush, the water is inviting and calm.

Busua Beach

Be A Local:

9. Nzulezo

Nzulezo is a little fishing village about an hour from Beyin. You can reach there by renting a canoe and spend your holiday relaxed far away from the Ghanian city life. Be a local, befriend them and live a simple Ghanian life.


10. Lake Volta

Spanning between the Akosombo in the South to the Yeji in the North, Volta Lake is the largest manmade lake in the world. One way trip takes about a day in a boat or a ferry. Crack a joke with the villagers who might travel with you with their livestock and fresh farm produce.

Lake Volta

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