Top 8 Things To Do For Families In Norway

Norway is an awesome family friendly destination, especially during the summers and especially if you tend to have a lot of kids in tow. From the famous fjords and the northern lights display to the miles and miles of abundant, unspoiled wilderness and fresh air, Norway is one place you will never get bored of no matter how many times you visit it. So if you are planning to visit the country this summer, take a look at the top 10 things you can do there with your kids.

Here Are Top 8 Things To Do For Families In Norway:

1. Visiting The Museums

Oslo is one of the first cities you want to visit when in Norway. Start your exploration with a visit to the Bygdoy Peninsula which houses myriad museums that offer beautiful insights into the country’s rich nautical history and culture.

The Vikings Ship Museum and the Norsk Folkemuseum in particular will be great for kids, with the former housing an astounding collection of Viking ships in all their nautical glory.

Follow this with a visit to the other museums on the peninsula as well, including the Kon Tiki Museum, the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Fram Museum, all of which house exhibits portraying the wonders of the Viking world as well as the world’s first polar exploration from centuries ago. Other must visit museums include the International Museum of Children’s Art, the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, the Natural History Museum and the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology.

Visiting The Museums

2. Visiting The Playgrounds And Animal Parks

There is no dearth to the number of playgrounds and animal parks for kids to enjoy in when visiting Norway. The Frogner Park remains one of the most popular parks in the city and also houses the Vigeland Sculpture Park, one of the most visited attractions in the capital city Oslo.

It also houses the largest playground one can find anywhere in Norway, filled with adventure playgrounds, cafes, art exhibition centers and cafes.

The Frogner Park is especially famous for tis outdoor swimming pools which remain open throughout summer. There are a total of three swimming pools along with a diving area and water slides which are thronged by locals and tourists alike. The Oslo Reptile Park is located close to the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. A privately owned area, the park is home to a number of reptiles including but not limited to frogs, geckos, snakes and pythons.

Visiting The Playgrounds And Animal Parks

3. Visiting The Theme Parks

Norway has an excellent collection of theme parks scattered across the country which will take your kids to the land of fairies and trolls. Designed based on local folklore, the theme parks feature plenty of mythical Norwegian creatures one would have only read about in books.

Among these, the more popular one happens to be the Tusenfryd amusement park.

Located about 20km from the capital city Oslo, the park is filled to the core with rollercoasters, fairground rides, swimming pools and water slides which will excite kids to no end. Some of these rides come with height restrictions which mean you will probably have to get on them with your younger kids. But whose complaining when you get back on all those rides you enjoyed as kids, but were banned from getting on as you grew older (and bigger).

Visiting The Theme Parks

4. Visiting The attractions Of Bergen

Bergen happens to be the best place in Norway to start your exploration of the majestic fjords. While exploring the city itself is a charm, the kids will love the myriad activities the surrounding mountains offer, including hiking, sledging and skiing.

Take the Floibanen Funicular to Mount Floyen’s peak that allows you to enjoy stupendous views of the city and the wilderness below.

Kids in particular, will love the playground at the top of the mountain as well as the Troll Forest that lets them follow a magical trail across Billy Goats Gruff Bridge. Coming down from the mountain, head over to the Bergen Aquarium to have a whale of a time watching sharks, sea lions and penguins around you.

Visiting The Attractions Of Bergen

5. Visiting The Beaches Of Stavanger

Stavanger is located to the south of Bergen and has some of the best beaches in the entire country. The destination is quite famous for visiting families who choose to spend the days lounging by the beach with their loved ones or exploring the many fjords in the region. A visit to the secret tree house at the Norwegian Children’s Museum while here is a must.

Visiting The Beaches Of Stavanger

6. Visiting Tromso For The Northern Lights

There is something utterly magical about the Northern aka Aurora Borealis lights that light up the night sky in this region of Norway. Tromso is also the Arctic’s capital, and is among the best places in the world to catch these lights in their glory.

Be prepared to brave the cold and set aside an entire night for these sightings.

Don’t be fooled if you think there is nothing more to Tromso than the Northern lights. Kids will love the myriad activities in the region specially geared for them, including visiting the arctic aquarium Polaria to catch glimpses of bearded seals, riding up the Storsteinen Mountain on the Fjellheisen Cable Car to catch amazing views of the city below.

Visiting Tromso For The Northern Lights

7. Visiting Finnmark For Sled Rides And Safaris

Finnmark is another must visit destination in Norway if you want to catch the splendor of the Northern lights. However, the region is also famous for many more attractions.

Visit the town of Alta where you can mix with the local indigenous Sami people and learn about their ways of life.

Take your kids on king crab safari along with the local fishermen. And don’t miss out on the region’s most famous family attractions, the reindeer sleigh rides, the dog sled rides and of course, the snowmobile safaris across the white plains under the northern lights.

Visiting Finnmark For Sled Rides And Safaris

8. Visiting Svalbard And Voss For Wildlife And Adventure Activities

Norway is no stranger to wilderness and the adventures that come with it. The land of the Vikings offers plenty in terms of wildlife and adventure activities for visiting families.

Head over to the city of Svalbard which is famous for its dog sled rides and wildlife safaris that allow kids to catch glimpses of a wide variety of animals like musk, elk and whales in their natural habitats.

The city of Voss offers high octane thrills for the slightly elder crowd (aged 10 and above). The area is famous for its hikes, white water rafting trips and kayaking tours that teach your kids a thing or two about living along with nature.

Visiting Svalbard And Voss For Wildlife And Adventure Activities

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