Top 11 Activities For Families visiting California

The sunny coastal state of California has plenty to offer for families who both stay there or choose to visit it during the vacation. There is something for everybody in the family here, with the myriad entertainment and sightseeing options guaranteed to keep you on your toes all day long.

Here Are 11 Activities That Are Musts For The Entire Family:

1. Visiting Six Flags Discovery Kingdom In Vallejo

Many mistake the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for an amusement park. Rather, it is an entertainment zone for the whole family and features an amazing mix of amusement rides, roller coasters, shows and animal exhibits.

The park is divided into three zones; the marine park, the animal park and the thrill ride park, all of which offer day long fun in three themed areas; the sky, sea and land.

While teens can have a whale of a time on the major roller coasters like the Voodoo and the Medusa, the young ones can have their share of the fun in Thomas Town. The entire family can also enjoy a great experience at the animal and marine park where they can catch glimpses of tigers, dolphins, penguins, orcas and so much more.

Visiting Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo

2. Visiting Pier 39 In San Francisco

If you happen to visit the most beautiful city in the world, don’t miss the opportunity to stop by Pier 39. This family attraction is a great walkthrough experience for families, offering everything from free events and specialty shops to attractions like the TurboRide 4D and the Aquarium of the Bay, etc. The kids will love the sightings of sea lions on the Pier’s West Marina while elders can get some leisurely fun at the myriad cafes, restaurants and eateries that dot the Pier at regular intervals.

Visiting Pier 39 in San Francisco

3. Visiting California’s Great America In Santa Clara

This amusement park may be hidden from one’s view thanks to the more renowned parks in the State. However, it has its own quintessential theme park charm that attracts families from far away.

Attractions include the Paramount Action FX Theater which screens 3D animation shows and a ride on the tallest double decker carousel in the world. The Boomerang Bay Beach Club is located nearby, offering families the perfect chance to cool off on hot summer days.

There is also a Lost Parents section that is dedicated to the youngest visitors; babies. The center offers services like baby food, formula and bottle warming, etc. New mummies will be especially pleased to see diaper changing stations and stroller rentals dotting the park at regular intervals in a bid to ensure that everyone in the family gets a chance to enjoy some time in the park.

Visiting California’s Great America in Santa Clara

4. Visiting Disneyland In Anaheim

Visiting California and not visiting the happiest place on earth? Your kids will never forgive you for that! Disneyland in Anaheim will surely take an entire day of your trip to California. The Magic Kingdom is a smash hit with families worldwide who throng the park to revel in its attractions, rides and entertainment shows, all while meeting, greeting and clicking snaps with their favorite Disney themes and cartoon characters. The must watch attractions include the Toon Town, stunning parade and the fireworks show.

Visiting Disneyland in Anaheim

5. Visiting Sea World In San Diego

Of course if you are visiting California, a visit to the Sea World in San Diego is also a must. The place is filled to the core with rides and shows featuring mammals and marine life. Must watch include the Shamu, dolphin and sea lion shows while the Pet’s Rule corner allows the younger ones to laugh to their heart’s content at the show featuring numerous birds, cats and dogs. Little tots can also enjoy the rides and activities offered at the Sesame Street Bay of Play area.

Visiting Sea World in San Diego

6. Visiting Legoland In Carlsbad

If your kids love Lego toys, then a visit to Legoland is definitely of the order! The 128 acre park features more than 50 rides for the entire family right from the age of 2 to 12. The park also offers a more relaxed atmosphere for families who find the crowds at Disneyland a bit overwhelming. Some of the park’s most impressive attractions include the Land of Adventure, the Imagination Zone, the Aquarium and the Waterpark.

Visiting Legoland in Carlsbad

7. Visng Gilroy Gardens In Gilroyiti

Also called the Bonfante Gardens, the Gilroy Gardens is a must visit for families looking to combine amusement park fun with a quiet picnic.

The gardens are divided into 6 different zones and feature myriad attractions for the entire family, including rides like carousels, trains and coasters, educational exhibits, a rock maze, butterfly house, carnival games and a water play area for the summer months.

Combine this with the countless acres of beautiful gardens filled with tropical plants and uniquely shaped trees, and you have a place the entire family with unanimously choose to visit the next time you tour California.

Visng Gilroy Gardens in Gilroyiti

8. Visiting The Decanso Gardens In La Canada Flintridge

Families will fall in love with the sprawling Decanso Gardens which feature winding walkways around some of the most colorful natural settings in California. The gardens are separated into different zones like the Japanese Garden and the California Garden, etc., with each being more beautiful than the next. Kids especially will love the Enchanted Railroad runs via a train that runs on weekends only. In addition to this, there are myriad educational programs conducted throughout the year for kids as well as adults.

Visiting the Decanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge

9. Visiting Hollywood

Have some movie buffs in the family? Then plan a visit to Hollywood where the chances of running into a celebrity on the streets are pretty high.

Considered as the epicenter of the country’s celebrity universe, Hollywood will enthrall you for sure.

Take fascinating studio tours at the Warner Brothers the Universal Studios, take snaps with the life like wax statues of celebrities at Madame Tussauds, marvel at the myriad impressions of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, make your own celebrity handprints near the Mann’s Chinese Theater and strike a stunning pose in front of the Hollywood sign for an epic family photo! Need we say more?

Visiting Hollywood

10. Visiting  Yosemite In Sierra Nevada

The Yosemite National Park is a must visit for every family that visits California. Every single rock in the park seems to have a life of its own as it glows and glistens in the sun.

Add to this the 7 mile long Yosemite Valley filled with lush meadows, stunning waterfalls, towering granite monoliths and over 760000 acres of unspoiled wilderness, and you have a place that will make your jaws drop in sheer amazement.

Don’t miss out on the most popular attractions of the park, including the Glacier Point, Veran Falls, Tuolumne Meadows, Tunnel View, Hetch Hetchv, Mariposa Grove and the world renowned Old Faithful geyser.

Visiting Yosemite in Sierra Nevada

11. Visiting Lake Tahoe In Sierra Nevada

If you want your kids to enjoy the beauty of nature while visiting California, make it a point to visit Lake Tahoe. As North America’s largest alpine lake,Lake Tahoe attracts visitors the year around with its pristine beauty in the form of lush green wilderness surrounding what can only be described as a crystal clear, 1645 foot depth lake.

The lake remains open throughout the year and offers several fun filled activities for the family depending on the season.

While boating, swimming and hiking are popular summertime activities, snowboarding, skiing and other alpine sports are enjoyed by families visiting in the winter months.

Visiting Lake Tahoe in Sierra Nevada

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