Top 15 Amusement Parks In The World

Fun, rides, roller coasters, and adrenal rush! Amusement parks do give us back our childhood and whether it is the adult or the child, we are mere slaves at the hands of the gigantic rides. Amusement parks are places of enjoyment that house rides, parks, gardens, shows and many more events of entertainment with food and beverage counters and even places to put up. These are complete packages of entertainment and we bring you the list of the best from around the world.

The List Of Top Amusement Parks Of The World Are:

1. Universal Island’s of Adventure, Orlando

This amusement park is spaced out on seven differently themed islands and have some spectacular rides and attractions to offer. From Jurassic parks sites to Harry potter, all kinds of fun rides, with great places to eat and do try the no- alcoholic drink the butterbeer and people swear by the Harry potter attractions and rides. Even the nightlife here has so much to offer.

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Universal Island's Of Adventure, Orlando

2. Universal Studios, Hollywood, California

This Hollywood studio has themed parks with head pounding rides, awesome shows, real movie studios, restaurants, and the cinema Citywalk. The Harry potter world is to look out for and though some people find this place pricey, it is definitely worth a visit. There are numerous eating joints in and around the area to enjoy the food and entertainment with family and friends.

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Universal Studios, Hollywood, California

3. Disney Park, Anaheim

This magical dream place is for real. The young and the old alike experience thrill and bliss on witnessing their favorite Disney characters here. The rides are great and the Disney forever fireworks at night and the afternoon parade also put up a great display. All in all a great place to spend some fun times with your children and family.

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Disney Park, Anaheim

4. Port Aventura Park, Spain

This park has the highest coaster in Europe and some beautiful landscaping and views. The roller coasters and the rides are great fun and Shambhala is the biggest roller coaster of Spain. The place seems expensive to some people but with options galore, it would be worth the money.

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Port Aventura Park, Spain

5. Disneyland Park, France

This Disney themed park has technologically advanced rides and attractions and pulls a large number of crowds. The space shuttle and the parade are good attractions and the place is neat and tidy and was originally called Euro-Disney though now the name has been modified to Disneyland.

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Disneyland Park, France

6. Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

The 17 roller coasters at cedar point make it the roller coaster capital of the world. The hotels, restaurants, grounds are all top class and the rides are amazing, thrilling, and fun. The roller coasters are for the elder kids and adults but there are rides for toddlers and smaller kids too. The place is worth the money and less expensive than the other amusement parks in America.

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Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

7. Seaworld, Orlando

Its a water based theme park with sea creatures, water shows, and water rides. The blue horizons dolphin show is a must visit, the park is clean and the food is good. It a family place where children get to see and learn about many animals and enjoy the rides also.

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Seaworld, Orlando

8. Hersheypark

This park was created as a recreational place for the Hershey factory employees. This place has a lot of chocolate delights, fun rides, and a waterpark.

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9. Europa-Park,Rust, Germany

This is a benchmark for all other parks, with beautiful landscape, a park nestled between the black forest and the Vosges. The innovative themes and ever-changing decorations and concepts with the eventful park, make this amusement park the best options in Europe. It has the largest hotel resort, great places to eat and a sparkling clean environment.

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Europa-Park,Rust, Germany

10. Universal Studios, Singapore

It is a movie-themed amusement park with 24 rides and attractions. Dinosaurs, lemurs, Egyptian mummies add to the charm of this place and themed dining places and shops. A cable car tour of the park can be taken and the transformer is the favorite ride among people or one can indulge in any of the numerous fun activities happening around.

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Universal Studios, Singapore

11. Gardaland Park, Italy

The look,  the safety, and the standard of the park are commendable. A themed aquarium, a fairytale hotel, amazing restaurants, one of the best roller coasters in Europe, rides for all ages are some of the pleasures this place offers, and hence,a great place to have fun with family and friends.

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Gardaland Park, Italy

12. Busch Gardens, Tampa

This park is spread out over 300 acres of lands and houses great attractions from explorations from around the world. The fun rides, the zoos, live shows, restaurants, shops and the animals like giraffe, orangutans, tigers, birds are housed in unique enclosures and are the kids delight. A complete family place with, just try and be early to get good parking spots and avoid the long ticketing queues.

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Busch Gardens, Tampa

13. Ocean Park, China

An exquisitely made amusement park, the Forbes has ranked it the 7th most popular theme park in the world. The Marine land, the aquatic animals like the giant pandas, red pandas, Asian otters, and the cable car facility makes this place a comfortable visit. The polar adventure, thrill mountain, Aqua city are great places to visit. It divided into 2 parts, the summit, and the waterfront. tHe place is huge but there are escalators for easy travel and a great place to have fun and rejoice with family.

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Ocean Park, China

14. Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri

A nice clean tidy park with fun places to ride, enjoy, eat and hang out with friends and family. With 30 thrilling rides and 40 live shows daily, 60 shops, 100+ amazing craftsmen and many restaurants, this silver dollar city has been a place of visit for over 50 years.

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Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri

15. Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida

One of the 4 themed parks at Walt Disney resort, the fairy tales, and Disney characters come to live in this park. Space magical and jungle cruise rides are a must, wear comfy shoes as there is a lot of walking and you could witness people getting engaged in front of the castle! The night offers electrifying fireworks, amazing Cinderella castle light changes and the Electric parade which are a not to miss.

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Magic Kingdom, Orlando,Florida

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