The Top 11 Water Parks in the World

Come summer and most of us would think of hitting the beach to escape the heat. But there are other places you can visit to cool off in the warm summer weather, and enjoy doing it as well. Case in point: water parks. A water park is a quintessential fun zone during summers and offers you the thrill of splashing around in water in ways you can never imagine. So if you are all geared up to hit the wildest water parks this summer.

Here Is Our Pick Of The Top 11 Water Parks From Around The World For You To Choose From:

1. World Water Park, Canada

This is actually an indoor water park that sits inside Alberta’s West Edmonton Mall. Covering over five acres of indoor space, the park is home to the largest indoor wave pool in the world. It also a plethora of other water rides thrill seekers will absolutely enjoy, including over 17 water slides (don’t miss the Thunderbolt sled and Aqualoop looping slides), simulated surfing and a 138 meter zip line that runs through the entire length of the wave pool.

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World Water Park, Canada

2. Etnaland, Italy

Located in Catania, Sicily, Etnaland is a great water park for families. It has over 27 land and water themed attractions to keep everyone busy, including thrill rides, roller coasters and dark rides, etc. Some of the more popular water rides in the park include the Jungle Splash shoot the chutes, the Crocodile rapids and the Dragon River Log Flume.

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Etnaland, Italy

3. Tropical Islands, Germany

Tropical Islands is located in Krausnick and is in fact, an artificial indoor beach that also houses the largest indoor rain forest in the world with over 50000 plants.

Thrill seekers will revel in the fact that the park is also home to the world’s tallest water slide tower.

Built inside an unused airplane hangar the largest indoor water park on earth is home to several gut wrenching water rides in addition to offering aerial acrobatics shows and balloon rides over the park and.

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Tropical Islands, Germany

4. Blizzard Beach, U.S.A

As part of Orlando’s Walt Disney World Water Park in Florida, Blizzard Beach features the longest rapids raft ride in the world.

Centering around the theme of a melting ski resort, the park is also home to one of the tallest and fastest rides on earth.

Be expected to reach speeds of at least 60mph as you plummet from a height of 120 feet into the water below.

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Blizzard Beach, U.S.A

5. Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World, Australia

Located on the Gold Coast, the Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World is one water park you don’t want to miss out on while visiting the country. It boasts of housing not two, not three …. but four looping transparent slides that will turn you in all directions before you manage to hit the water.

The Aqualoops as they are called, start with a trap door being released under your feet.

You plummet straight down the chute and into the transparent slide at a gravity defying speed of over 60kmph. Be prepared to hold your breath on this one.

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Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World, Australia

6. Aquatica, U.S.A

Florida can rightly be called as one of the best destinations in the world for families, thanks to its world renowned water parks. Enter another park in this list that is also located here.

The Aquatica water park is a part of Sea World in Orlando, and offers guests the opportunity of experiencing a unique combination of a water park and a marine park.

While see through water slides will see you zipping past playful dolphins, a number of activities will help you interact with the animals in the marine park. Of course, if that becomes a bit too boring, you can head over to the water park for some unforgettable fun in the water. The must try water rides include the Breakaway Falls, the Taumata Racer, the 500 gallon dumping bucket, the lazy river and the gigantic wave pool.

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Aquatica, U.S.A

7. Area 47, Austria

Located in Innsbruck, Area 47 is one extreme water park that will give you jitters for sure. Housing over 5 massive and utterly terrifying water slides, the park also offers adrenaline junkies plenty of other activities in the form of zip lines, rope courses and rock climbing. The only way to enter the body of water into which the slides feed is via a jump from atop a 30 foot diving platform or an inflated Blobbing tube, or a race down a very steep snowboard ramp.

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Area 47, Austria

8. Noah’s Ark, U.S.A

Wisconsin Dells is fondly called as the water park capital of the world by the locals, thanks to the plethora of water parks (over 18 and counting) that can be found in and around the tiny town.

Noah’s Ark is one of the best in this list and has over 51 thrilling water rides to keep you busy the entire day.

While the Scorpion’s Tail looping slide and the Black Anaconda water coaster will have you screaming your lungs out, the shoot the chutes water ride and dive in movie theater will help you relax after a day of wild fun in the water.

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Noah’s Ark, U.S.A

9. Aquaventure, Bahamas

Located on the Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island, the Aquaventure water park comes with over 20 swimming areas, 11 swimming pools, a mile long river with wave surges and rapids, and several thrilling water slides. Covering an area of 141 acres, the park has something for every age, from the kids’ pools and the lazy river to the master blaster water coasters and the loops that plummet you down an ancient Mayan temple into a shark infested lagoon.

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Aquaventure, Bahamas

10. Wild Wadi, UAE

Visiting Dubai? Then make it a point to visit the Wild Wadi water park which is a hot spot for tourists visiting the country.

The park is home to a total of eight mind blowing Master Blaster water coasters.

In addition to this, it also houses one among the world’s fastest and tallest free fall water slides. Other not to be missed attractions include stationary wave machines and heated/cold wave pools.

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Wild Wadi, UAE

11. Six Flags, U.S.A

This water park in Atlanta will definitely keep you occupied for more than one day. One of the newest attractions of the park is the Dive Bomber which will have you falling at zero-gravity for 10 stories via a trapdoor before hitting the water.

Other than this, Six Flags has plenty of everyone in the family in the form of tube rides, rapids, free falls twisters.

Little kids in particular, will love the attention given to them at the dumping bucket zone as well as the splash areas at the Tree House Island, Lilypad Crossing and Captain Kid’s Cove. The park also provides cabanas for parents to relax in while their kids have the time of their lives in the water.

Visit Website:

Six Flags, U.S.A

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