10 Most Beautiful Museums In The World

Not just historians or students of history, architecture and civilization; museums have a universal appeal to every traveler who wishes to have a ride of yesteryears or centuries for that matter. A visit to a museum is perhaps the best way to enlighten and educate learning kids and adolescents about the contributions of various civilizations. As a globetrotter, you can have a glance at some of the rarest artifacts. Various museums in all parts of the world are significant in their own right; each having something preserved to perfection. Other than historical significance, museums have worldwide popularity for their beauty.

Read On To Know More About 10 Most Beautiful Museums In The World And If You Happen To Be Travelling That Popular Country:

1. The Louvre, France

The museum will continue to feature in the list of most beautiful and visited museums in the world, the single biggest reason being the acquisition of the iconic Mona Lisa painting that has fascinated one and all for centuries now. The beauty of the museum is simply captivating when you get a full frontal view of The Louvre Palace and Pyramid. Other eye-catching monuments are The Venus de Milo, an Egyptian seated scribe from Saqqara, the Nike of Samothrace to name a few.

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The Louvre, France

2. State Hermitage Museum, Russia

State Hermitage Museum is overwhelmingly large and an incredibly beautiful museum which also acquires the largest collection of painting across all centuries and parts of the world. Founded by Catherine the Great in 1764, there is a beautiful Egyptian Hall, the Pavilion Hall, and a small Italian Skylight Room.

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State Hermitage Museum, Russia

3. British Museum, London

Few museums can have so much of international importance in the field of human history, art and culture like the British Museum. The architectural inspiration of the main entrance has Greek inspiration of portico style. You will be left for no words to describe the beauty of the view from the Great Court Room. And of course, you have 8 million registered artifacts in the form of paintings, monuments and sculptures that may take ages to see!

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British Museum, London

4. The National WWII Museum, USA

Located in the state of Louisiana in the USA, the National WWII Museum, USA is one of the recent museums having opened to the public only in the year 2000. The museum is still under construction and yet has been beautified in a much contemporary way. Some of the items exhibited are Enigma display, Higgins boat display and a B17 Boeing fighter.

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The National WWII Museum, USA

5. The Hanoi Museum, Vietnam

In the war riddled country Vietnam, the Hanoi Museum located in Hanoi showcases the brilliance of modern architectural designs taking a cue from Egyptian structure. It is built in the shape of an inverted pyramid. The floors of the museum can be accessed via a spiral staircase. The museum possesses some 50000 objects that document Vietnam and its capital’s history.

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The Hanoi Museum, Vietnam

6. Musee d’Orsay, Paris

This is a big railway station turned museum that has probably the world’s largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces and artifacts. A fine example of Beaux-Arts Movements, magnificent and well-maintained vintage clocks, Manets, Van Goghs and Ganguins’ collection is tough to beat.

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Musee d’Orsay, Paris

7. Guggenheim Museum, New York

The spiral architecture of the Guggenheim Museum is a huge inspiration in the interior structure designing of the Hanoi Museum in Vietnam. The museum’s best spot has to be its atrium and the skylight in the center. It has a bunch of oil canvas paintings and a collection of Solomon Guggenheim artifacts as well.

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Guggenheim Museum, New York

8. Guggenheim, Bilbao

This is the sister museum of Guggenheim Museum New York is considered as one of the most significant examples of architecture built in the 20th century. Such is its popularity it has been controversially named the “Bilbao effect” which generalizes gentrification and partly due to the fact that it also houses Spanish and international artists.

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Guggenheim, Bilbao

9. The Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

Designed by Iem Pei, the same person who also designed the Louvre pyramid, The Museum of Islamic Arts will take your breath away the moment you enter and catch a glimpse of its gorgeous interiors. Obvious, it has a lot of Islamic architecture influence which was executed by Pei who came out of retirement and traveled the Muslim world to finish this project he undertook at the age of 91. It has collections Islamic Arts spanning over 1400 years.

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The Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

10. Moscow State Historical Museum, Museum

Located in Red Square, the museum which looks like neo-Russian building of the 19th century has millions of collections and artifacts. It resembles anything but a fairytale castle which makes the museum a crowd puller anyway.

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Moscow State Historical Museum, Museum

The above-mentioned museums are the world’s most beautiful ones. They will surely go to make your trip memorable.

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