12 Top Places To Visit In Bosnia And Herzegovina

Top Places To Visit In Bosnia And Herzegovina

Travelling and experiencing the best possibilities of the nature has always been a common choice for people from all across the world. Bosnia and Herzegovina can be termed as a country that is located near the Balkan Peninsula. It is mainly located near the southeastern Europe. The country is well provided with lots of things to be visited. Attractive places such as medieval villages, lakes, rivers along with lots of Alps. People like to spend their holidays in these places and hence Bosnia and Herzegovina has become a much demanded place. You will surely be amazed by your trip and visit some of the most demanded places.

12 Top Places To Visit In Bosnia And Herzegovina:

1. Travnik

This is a small and attractive town that is located near the Lasva River, which flows through the Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has an interesting past and caters to the modern type of outdoor games. There are many monuments that were built in the past and are still standing as a proof.


2. Jahorina

It is one of the top listed places in Bosnia and Herzegovina that should not be missed at any cost. It is the best home for skating and enjoying the cool climate. Snow lovers as well as mountaineers will surely find this place to be attractive. It is a must place to be visited in Bosnia and Herzegovina and should not be missed.


3. Sarajevo

Sarajevo will attract you a lot because of its natural scenery and the type of houses built in this capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are many memorials that are standing from the past. You can easily find the best bars and restaurants in this city along with few religious places.


4. Trebinje

This place is mainly named after the Trebisnjica River that flows through this area. The cool weather along with the mountainous view from the place is the most superb one. The river valley is the best location in Bosnia and Herzegovina that should not be missed.


5. Stolac

Stolac is also considered as the best and well known city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a very beautiful town and that can be well marked for its greener look. The architecture as well as cultural heritage together makes the town very popular and hence visitors rush towards this town.


6. Mostar

Mostar is considered as the best and jewels kind of valley of the Balkan Peninsula. The old bridge that stands on the river is the main attraction. The unique color of the water flowing along with the standing bridge looks superb in the town. There are lots of things to be done in this part of the country.


7. Jajce

Jajce is well popular for its natural and greenery scene. The roaring waterfalls are surely going to make your day. The place also provides perfect type of museums that can help you discover the history. Painted timber as well as other things from medieval past can be easily seen.


8. Banja Luka

This place has witnessed both war and earthquake, but it is still standing perfectly to provide the right clue. It is also known to be the unknown type of capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are lots of things to be seen including the Ferhat Mosque that is approved by the UNESCO.

Banja Luka

9. Kravice Falls

This fall is well known in the country and visitors do not miss this place at any cost. The fall range till 25 meters and it is one of the best places for swimming. The water in the pools is chilled and thus this place is better during summer season. You can simply enjoy this tourist attraction.

Kravice Falls

10. Una National Park

The Una National Park is recently added to the Bosnia and Herzegovina gems and has thus become the best place to be visited during vacations. You will be amazed to see the park that is well decorated with natural water bodies along with many other natural types of scenery.

Una National Park

11. Blagaj

It is also a nice place that should be visited during your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the depth of Mostar Basin. Buna River actually flows from this location and add to actual beauty. The attractive water near the mountains will surely take away your heart.


12. Blidinje Nature Park

The natural park is mainly located near the plateau between the Vran peaks and Cvrsnica of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a pure natural place that will help you to get peace of your mind. The Bosnian pine trees along with thick forests will add more beauty to the place. The greenery of the forests remains the best attraction.

Blidinje Nature Park

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