7 Best Hotels In Falkland Islands, South America

Falkland Islands tucked in the South American region is a place to behold with rugged terrain and cliff lined coasts which boast of hundreds of islets and islands, bird life and wildlife galore. Thus, in case you are planning to make a visit to this lovely island.

There Are Certain Best Hotels You Can Consider For A Stay And Some Of Them Are Given Below:

1. The Waterfront Hotel

The Waterfront Hotel in Stanley in Falkland Islands in South America is another hotel in the islands which offers a great view of the jetty and the waterfront where the reception and the people are extremely friendly and the food in their restaurant of impeccable quality. A must go to place for anyone, even though a bit on the expensive side money wise.

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2. Malvina Hotel House

The Malvina Hotel Housein Falkland Islands in South America offers its visitors with an impeccable ambience, great service and amazing view of the sea side. With the smiling faces at the reception to the clean and big spacious rooms, great bar and awesome food on the offer this place is a must visit and stay in. The great locale which is just by the main road and the sea makes it a great choice when visiting the islands in South America without doubt.

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3. Pebble Island Lodge

In case you want to stay close to nature while on a visit to the Pebble Islands, the Pebble Island Lodge is a place to be. With a warm welcome, great food options and locale which is extremely near to the Elephant Beach, this place would ensure that you do not miss out on bird watching, wildlife touring and watching various kinds of penguins which stalk the area all the times.

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4. Sea Lion Lodge

Another place from which you can actually experience the wildlife in the Falkland islands is the Sea Lion Lodge where the sightings of sea lions, elephant seals, penguins and various kinds of birds are just a daily task. Along with this the rooms are good, food good as well and the services in terms of its customers would blow your mind.

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5. Bennett House

This place called Bennett House in the Falkland Island is known for great hospoitality, waem and comfortable room stays and great location to start off with and the homemade cookies and et all is what every visitor boasts of. In terms of the food the breakfast is amazing so are the other meals of the day and thus you can think of spending your stay in comfort while on a visit to South America.


6. Darwin House

Tucked in the Falkland Island about an hour’s journey from Stanley lies the Darwin House or the Darwin establishment which is a normal house turned into a nice and cozy hotel by its owners and offers you everything that you can ask for during your stay at an unknown locale. The warmth and the hospitality of the place is sure going to impress you along with the food and the clean rooms and services. Even though the place does not really have a pool or a good looking TV in the rooms, all is settled with the old fashioned ambience and the old school hospitality it provides.

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7. Port Howard Lodge

The Port Howard Lodge gives you the feeling of a lovely Scottish styled lodge tucked into the world and the remote countryside of the Falkland Islands and offers its visitors warm welcome, great rooms to stay in and yes, just about awesome food.

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