10 Best Travel Destination In Darwin

Situated on the Timor Sea, Darwin is located in the extreme Northern hemisphere in Australia. The gentle weather, encyclopedic food, the shore side restaurants, the wet parks, the art courts are some of the world best things you can enjoy in Darwin. The taste available in Mindil Beach Markets, a sail down the Darwin harbour, a visit to the Museums the display the picturesque history of the land, the Tiwi islands, the Litchfield National Parks, the Arnhem and Kakadu Lands all add such flavor to the life of both the tourists as well as the local people that one would wish to stay back in this beautiful place for a life time.

We Give Here, Some Of The Best Travel Destinations In Darwin:

1. The Ghan

The Ghan is just not one place. It is a collection of places that offers the experience of one of the world’s best train journeys during which you can witness flush green mountains giving way to the red soiled deserts, reaching you to the wet tropical mountains. The different types of landscapes dancing in front of your eyes providing the wonders of the world one after the other is an experience by itself.

The Ghan

2. Nature At Its Best

A walk through the Mary River and Adelaide wetlands till the Kakadu National Park gives you a scintillating unforgettable experience of your life time. You will bushwalking the dense embankments and super abundant rainforests. You will also be treasure troving the indigenous rock arks while comprehending the natural history of Pine creek.

Nature At Its Best

3. Litchfield National Park

With its abundant woodlands, mesmerizing waterfalls, glittering pools to plunge and huge termite mountains, Litchfield National Park is one of the best tourist attractions in Darwin. The Buley Rockhole and the gripping Florence, Tolmer and Wangi falls are the other tourist attractions near the Litchfield National Park. The skillfully built termite hillock makes the onlooker dumbstruck.

Litchfield National Park

4. Mindil Beach & Markets

The swaying coconut trees in the background of the setting sun, the aroma of the enticing Satay and the tangy noodles makes you feel you are in a different planet altogether. The classy feeling this beach provides gets value added with the Thursday markets held between May to October every year. The market that is held in the sands of the beach witnessing the setting sun is one of its kinds of experience.

Mindil Beach & Markets

5. Tiwi Islands

Located in the Northern territory of Australia Tiwi Islands is located 80 kilometers to the north of Darwin. Known more as the ‘Islands of Smiles’, this Island is located in a supreme location where the Arafura Sea amalgamates with the Timor Sea. The antecedents of the people living in Tiwi Islands dates back to 7000 years.

Tiwi Islands

6. Arnhem Land

Arnhem Land is an enormous unharmed wild opulent in indigenous culture. People who live here are called Yolngu tribes and they are said to be the ancient owners of the Arnhem lands for 60000 years now. The world famous musical instrument didgeridoo is said to have originated in Arnhem Land. The spiritual links of the Yolngu tribe provides an unforgettable original aborginistic experience to the visitor.

Arnhem Land

7. Savannah Way

Savannah Way is the backwoods adventure between Broome and Darwin cutting a line between the tropical forests and vast expanse of Desert. The Boab tress full of fruits, the crocodiles desiccating in the canyons and the palms germiniating out of the rust-red mountains are all feast not only to eyes but for the minds too.

Savannah Way

8. Katherine

Covering a mind blogging 480,000 square kilometers, the Katherine area stretches joining Daly River in the North to Dunmarra region in the South. Touching the Australian borders in the west and Queensland, Katherine is the best place to experience wild life and aboriginals at their best


9. Darwin’s Boundless Arts

Darwin is abundantly rich in dynamic visual arts which are called Parap Arts. The cutting edge traditional art works and the aboriginal arts portray clearly the destiny of Darwin in the days to come. The limitless dreams that have been projected by the artists in an aborginistic style add such mature flavor to the art forms that it is highly mesmerizing.

10. Darwin Waterfront

Be it a tourist or the local people living in Darwin life in Darwin rotate around reenergized waterfront spread around the city. The energy filled waterline encompasses sandy lagoons, parks, shops and restaurants providing a typical holiday to be spent in a relaxed manner. Fishing from the wharf, eating the seafood made with freshly caught sea beings in the open air and walking beyond the mansions along the waterfront, all impart the best of the experiences one could aspire for.

Darwin Waterfront

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