7 Things To Do In Abu Dhabi With Kids

UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi is full of wonders. This is the second most populous city in UAE. The city is located in a T-shaped island in the Persian Gulf. Its historic sites, heritage attractions, museums reflect a deep-rooted cultural past. Restaurants with impressive mouth-watering culinary standards offer a varied mix of international flavours. The modern ultra-tech tower and shopping mega centres are the main tourist attractions. The awe-inspiring Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has a capacity of 41,000 worshippers.

This is a perfect destination for a perfect family. There are so many places to visit and so many entertaining things to do that one will actually find very little time to relax. The fastest roller coaster in the largest theme park,the relaxing Al Ain Oasis, the largest snow park are some of them to pay a visit to. So, in the glitzy and glamorous city, you have plenty of options to spend your time with your kids in the most amazing way.

Here Is A List Of 7 Things To Do In Abu Dhabi With Kids To Help You To Attain A Memorable Experience:

1. Etihad Tower

On the 74th floor of Jumeirah hotel, Etihad Tower, there is visitors viewing deck which offers a spectacular glance of the city, specially of the Presidential Palace and the stunning blue waters of the Arabian gulf. You can even have a tea ( the cost is included in the ticket) while enjoying the mesmerizing scenery below. And the children ,with their natural curiosity will definitely love this experience.


2. The Corniche

The children are going to love this place at the first glance. This wonderful golden stretch of sand in front of city skyscrapers is a star attraction among visitors. The pristine Corniche beachfront includes children’s play area and cycle pathways where bicycling with the children could be a great idea. There is also a splash park away from the sea to cool off the heat and is suitable for little children. You are rest assured for the safety of your children as there are plenty of lifeguards around.


3. Wildlife At The Elezba

For animal lovers, there are two zoos providing excellent opportunities to explore wildlife. The children will surely be enchanted by the collection of animals in enclosures that closely resemble their natural habitats. Giraffe feeding and camel riding are the latest interactive activities designed to entertain the children. The “Elezba” petting zoo allows the children to feed and play with animals.


4. Grand Mosque

This truly spectacular awe-inspiring structure will take your kids by surprise if they are not used to such large scale buildings. They will enjoy seeing the grown-ups dressed in abayas (local tradition full body covering dress) while taking a stroll in and out of the mosque.


5. Yas Island

This is the prime entertainment and leisure destination in Abu Dhabi. This man-made park is full of kids-friendly activities with its largest indoor theme park and massive water park. The Formula One race track, go carting and lovely swimming pools will keep the kids busy throughout the day to their heart’s content.


6. Venture Into The Museum

A visit to the Emirates National Auto Museum is worth the effort. It showcases a collection of odd-looking yet fascinating cars. The greatest attraction is surely the Dodge Truck, world’s biggest caravan housing a four bedroom apartment. It is a must for the kids as well.


7. Al Ain Oasis

Far from the sweltering heat and tormenting noise of the city, there exists an oasis in the heart of Al Ain, full of palm plantations. The cool shady walkways along the mesmerising water channels are bound to make even the naughtiest of kids more peaceful, albeit temporarily.


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