5 Marvelous Winter Destinations In The US

The drop in winter temperature increases the desire to visit places with warm winter weather. Snow fall in many parts of US during winter increases the wanting to go to beaches and deserts and enjoy some outdoor activities. There are wide ranges of landscape in America that boast a warm climate to beat the winter temperature. A few such winter escape destinations are listed below.

Winter Destinations In The US:

1. Honolulu

The modern city is a blend of different cultures and the gateway to beautiful Hawaiian Islands. The weather and thrilling outdoor activities are just amazing. From snorkeling to helicopter tour, the island is full of fun. The extinct volcano, white sand beaches and its peaceful waters, historic landmarks, traditional food, and everything on the island is so exciting that you will simply love this place.


2. Bora Bora

Bora Bora is called the land of dreams. The overwater resorts, greenish-blue lagoons, fantastic landscape, and the beautiful beaches are definitely a honeymooner’s choice. You can enjoy both slow paced holiday as well as action packed activities on the island. The destination is very much accessible and is a must visit place to experience the dream settings.

Bora Bora

3. Whistler

Wide spread in an area of about 8000 acres and more than 200 trails, the mountain is known for skiing. The skiers’ paradise is an amazing snow capped mountain with almost 40 feet snowfall annually. The dazzling lakes, beautiful gold course, challenging trails, and amazing restaurants attract tourists. Even if skiing is not your favorite activity, you can enjoy watching the ski scenes, try mountain biking, and do many other outdoor activities.


4. Tulum

Tulum, the historic city has developed into a popular, in demand vacation destination. You can visit the Mayan ruins that have the sapphire colored waters as the backdrop. The bio-reserves, underground caves filled with water, traditional food, rich Mexican culture, etc are very interesting.


5. Phoenix

Phoneix, the capital city of Arizona keeps visitors off from the city during summer, but during winter the city is amazing. The warm weather, amazing sunset, fabulous spas, high end resorts, vibrant nightlife, golf courses and shopping are great tourist attractions.


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