Top 10 Surf Beaches In North America

As surfing is becoming more and more popular among people so the numbers of places which have great waves have also increased. Some of the popular surfing spots of the continent North America are in California, Florida, Hawaii and many more. The surfing spots also come up with various night beach grub, Nightlife and other enjoying stuffs. Finding best waves is a difficult job to do as the best waves could only make your surfing more enjoyable, sometimes it is a very expensive process to find big waves so you need to have proper guide to select a place of good waves.

Surfing is a very nice sport which boosts your mind and energy. Most of the surfing championships are carried on in California and it is one of the best places for surfing. An ideal surfing spot needs a good geographical location and proper surfing equipment; here come some of the noteworthy surfing spots of North America:

1. Montauk Point New York:

It is a very nice rock less beach ideal for surfing, the waves here are very consistent making it very comfortable to surf it also consists of a lot of break which makes surfing better and more enjoyable.

Montauk Point New York

2. Ocean City Of NJ:

It is probably the most well-known surf town of North America. Due to the jetties the waves are consistent at this place making it easy to surf. Numerous sports activities are the major attraction of this beach. You just can’t ignore this place if you are visiting North America.

Ocean City Of NJ

3. Hampton Beach, New Hampshire:

Though this place has only about 13 miles coastline but still some good surfing are to be found here as it is one place where one could get a consistent supply of waves and are protected from North east winds. This place is also not so crowded which will help you to produce more concentration during your surfing. Less crowded place is ideal for doing surfing more comfortably and smoothly.

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

4. Long Sands in New York:

This place of New York is protected from wind by Cape Neddeck in the north. This result in consistent waves makes surfing comfortable but it is a crowded beach may make some problem for private people, but most of them find this place perfect for the beginners.

Long Sands in New York

5. Virginia Beach:

It is the most well-known place of surfing and here many of the surfing championships are carried on. The waves here are highly average and also hugely consistent in nature. As many of the surfing competitions and championships take place here so naturally this place is hugely crowded.

Virginia Beach

6. Assateague Island:

This place is more serene as compared to the Virginia beach, There is a national park off the coast of Virginia and Maryland. At the south end of the island there is a beautiful wildlife present along with consistent waves needed for surfing and it is a beach which remains rarely crowded. Other than surfing you may also hang out around the Island more often.

Assateague Island

7. Santa Cruz, California:

It is also known as “Surf City” as Santa Cruz is regarded as the surfing mecca and this place is a perfect surfing spot for the surfers of all levels. The beginner surfer will gather around the Pleasure Point while the surfers who are at intermediate level will set to the Cowell’s beach to watch the surfing. Each and every level of surfer gets comfortable in surfing in this ideal beach.

Santa Cruz, California

8. Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina:

Don’t get surprised by the name of this surfing spot of Carolina, it is a dream place for every surfer especially during the summer time when the East Coast swells up. It also provides quality waves makes surfing very pleasant and comfortable with consistent waves making surfing smooth.

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

9. Malibu, California:

This place is just an hour drive from Loss Angeles and it’s a preserved town for surfing called Malibu, it is a long maintained place of south facing coast which consists of breaks like Zuma Beach and Surfrider Beach. Though some hollywood shootings takes place here but still the place remains uncrowded and calm, and produces consistent waves.

Malibu, California

10. San Clemente, California:

This place is located between San Diego and Los Angeles , it remains swell up all through the year with breaks like Trestles Dohney and San Onofre. During the summer time the waves comes from south is more huge and consistent and the water temperatures pops up to 75 degrees. Suppose if you could not find enough surf then you may shift to the nearby beaches called Dana point, Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach.

San Clemente, California

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