10 Incredible Places To Visit In Taiwan

Situated to the South Eastern side of the Chinese mainland, the island of Taiwan is guarded by the Pacific Ocean on the east and the Taiwan Strait on to the western side. While this lovely island nation is a tourist’s dream as it houses sandy white beaches, sapphire color seas, lovely downtown sceneries, splendid mountain ranges, Chinese architecture, tranquil lakes and most importantly is known for their great snacks and cuisines.

This Small Island Nation Is A Treat To Visit And Thus Some Of The Incredible Places To Visit In Taiwan Are Discussed Below:

1. The National Palace Museum

Constructed in the year 1962, the Palace Museum of Taipei is known to be the home to a large quantity of ancient art treasures and is one of the biggest and most important museum in the entire Taiwan nation.

Best Time to Visit: All over the year
Admission: 34 yuan for adults; 17 yuan for students.

The National Palace Museum

2. Taipei 101

Also known as the Taipei Financial Center, it was the tallest skyscraper buildinh in the entire nation till the Dubai’s Burj Khalifa overtook the record in January, 2010. This high 101 storey building also houses two high speed elevators which can zoom tourists from the 5th to the 89th floor in just a matter of 37 seconds. Get to the top to see Taiwan in a new light!

Best Time to Visit: All over the year
Admission: 86 yuan

Taipei 101

3. Alishan National Scenic Area

Located in the Middle Eastern region of Taiwan lies the Alishan National Scenic Area which houses 18 hills, the largest of it being the Tower Hill along with the spectacular sunrise point, scared trees, Z-shaped forest railway and many more exotic stuff.

Best Time to Visit: All over the year
Admission: 43 yuan for adults and 22 yuan for students.

Alishan National Scenic Area

4. Sun Moon Lake

The Sun Moon lake located in Taiwan is the only natural lake in the nation and is divided by a small island called Lalu and divides the lake in such a manner than it looks like a crescent moon in the west side and like the sun to the eastern side. Being also the water body on which five major hydropower plants are based on, this lake acts like the heart of the nation providing electricity to all the parts of the nation.

Best Time to Visit: May, June and October months.
Admission: 20yuan for adults and 10 yuan for students.

Sun Moon Lake

5. Kenting National Park

Being the only tropical forest zone in the entire nation of Taiwan, the Kenting National Park is flocked to by tourists from the nation and from outside to check the tropic forests, coral reefs, exotic sea, scenic mountains and breathtaking beaches!

Best Time to Visit: All over the year
Admission: 32 yuan for adults and 16 yuan for students.

Kenting National Park

6. Penghu Islands

Mainly an archipelago in the Taiwan Strait in between the Chinese mainland and the island of Taiwan, Penghu Islands are also known as Pescadores which contains hundreds of small islets and islands covering an area of 141 sq. kilometers. The blue waters, pristine white beaches and the firework festivals on the summer and spring season and the winter beachside sea food spread makes this place a must visit for any tourist.

Best Time to Visit: All round the year.

Penghu Islands

7. Ximending

A must-visit place for young tourists, Ximending is located at the downtown of Taipei and one can find an array of things starting from fashion clothing to accessories in the shops selling Japanese, Chinese and Western attires. The street food here is a must try as well.

Best Time to Visit: All round the year.


8. Yangming Mountains

Located at the northern side of Taiwan, this mountain range boasts of an array of hot springs and plants along with volcanic sights and tranquil valleys as well. Divided into two parts, the front mountain region is the Zhongzheng Park featuring pavilions, flower rows and lovely bridges whereas the back side is the Yangming Mountain Park which features the crater lakes, hot springs and the volcanoes.

Best Time to Visit: Spring and autumn season.

Yangming Mountains

9. Sub Yat-sen Memorial Hall

This is a memorial dedicated to Dr. Sun Yat-sen who was a main name behind the Chinese revolution and displays every detail about this man’s life and his work. At the present times, this memorial acts as a social, cultural and educational center for public and houses a lovely park too.

Best Time to Visit: All the year round.

Sub Yat-sen Memorial Hall

10. Toroko National Park

Based at the eastern coats of Taiwan, this National Park is named after Toroko Gorge and features steep cliffs, babbling streams, soaring peaks, lovely valleys and amazing waterfalls. The most important and famous scenic prone walking path called the Tunnel of Nine Turns which showcases wonderous view of the valleys that one can behold.

Best Time to Visit: July and August.

Toroko National Park

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