7 Best Water Parks In Oregon

Situated in the U.S, Oregon State has a coast adjoining the Pacific Ocean. The Columbia and Snake Rivers delineate the regions northern and eastern boundaries. The cities of Salem, Portland and Vancouver are located in Oregon State. There are beautiful landscapes, waterways, forests, shrub lands and national parks in the area. The state has many water parks for enjoying a fun-filled vacation and holidays in the water. Some of the parks are located indoors while some are outdoors. It is an ideal place for swimming and diving. There are pools and water slides for the kids. The outdoor water parks have an amazing sandy beach. We will tell you about some water parks of Oregon that are worth visiting.

Following Are The 7 Best Water Parks In Oregon:

1. Liverly Park

Liverly Park in Oregon in Springfield region is well known in the area for having a very good wave pool that offers free inner tubes to people. It is an indoor water park having a public swimming facility open to the public the whole year. There is a very big water slide in the park. Enjoy relaxing in the hot tubs. Let your children enjoy themselves at the kiddie pools. There are water activity pool and sundecks in this water park.

Liverly Park

2. North Clackamas Aquatic Park

North Clackamas Aquatic Park is situated in the Oregon State in Milwaukie. It has very big sized swimming pools and slides that thrill the people who ride on it. There are attractions for people of all ages. The lap pool is the best place for splashing and playing with water. People like to relax and soak their bodies in the hot tubs. There are special kid areas meant only for children. The wave pool and outdoor volleyball court are good for those love sports. The climbing all has several lanes. Swimming lessons are offered in this water park.

North Clackamas Aquatic Park

3. Evergreen Wings & Waves Water Park

Evergreen Wings & Waves Water Park has ten water slides some big and some small meant for both elders and children. It is a very good place for summer vacations and fun filled holidays. The indoor water park is located in Oregon in McMinnville. It is open to the public in all seasons the whole year round. The wave pool of this park offers a lot of enjoyment in the water. A structure of Boeing aircraft stands on top of a water slide. It is really a fun to slide into the water below from the aircraft structure. There is a leisure pool in the park.

Evergreen Wings & Waves Water Park

4. Jamison Square

Jamison Square has a less water park area with fountains and wading areas where people like to enjoy themselves in the summer season when the weather is hot. The attractions of this park are a shallow tidal pool and low pools. Also, there are beautiful water cascades. People sit on the benches in the noontime and evenings. The park is decorated with red granite bear.

Jamison Square

5. Osborn Aquatic Center

Osborn Aquatic Center is a fun water park of Oregon located in Corvallis. There are four big sized swimming pools that are ideal for splashing in the water and swimming. There are high as well as low diving boards with different heights suitable for different people. Enjoy whooshing in the long waterslide of the water park. You can splash water in the water channel. Kids can enjoy playing with toys in the warm pools. There are two climbing walls. Some like to play hoops in the water. The playing area offers many enjoyable activities like dumping buckets, water cannons, and fun water slides. Other attractions of the water park are zip line and geysers.

Osborn Aquatic Center

6. Pendleton Aquatic Center

Pendleton Aquatic Center is a family friendly water park in Pendleton in the Oregon State in the U.S. there are two big sized water slides for sliding and enjoying in the water. Besides this, there are other small sized water slides also suitable for kids. The pool is very good for lap swimming. You can let your children have fun at the kid attractions. Enjoy diving from a height from the diving well of the water park. The park is an ideal location for picnics and a holiday with the family.

Pendleton Aquatic Center

7. Astoria Aquatic Center

Astoria Aquatic Center in Oregon State is located in Astoria. The water park is open to the public the whole year round. The four big sized swimming pools are the best for swimming and splashing in the sparkling water. The lap pool of the water park is very big in size. The lazy river is situated in the parks recreation pool. Beside this, there is a towering waterslide. You can enjoy soaking yourself in hot tubs filled with hot water. There is a special kid’s pool meant only for small children. You can also get some education by taking swimming lessons as well as aquatic fitness classes in this water park.

Astoria Aquatic Center

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