6 Remarkable Things To Do In Oregon

Oregon is a bastion of inspired living. This beautiful state, which is tucked away in Pacific Northwest region of the United States, is best known for its indie spirit as well as its rugged beauty. Oregon is also full of dualities. It is home to pulsating urban areas and tranquil evergreen forests. There are numerous places of interest for tourists who visit this dazzling state. Some of the most remarkable things to do in Oregon have been described below.

Here Are 6 Remarkable Things to Do In Oregon

1. Visit The Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park, the fifth oldest national park in US of A, is a place of incredible natural beauty. This park which was established in the year 1902 is located in southern Oregon.

The crown jewel of this immense park is the stunning Crater Lake.

Visitors to this park can create their very own memorable outdoor adventure by trying their hand at activities like camping, hiking, swimming or even signing up for boating tours (to name a few activities). Some places of interest you can explore within the precincts of this park include Toketee Falls, Castle Crest Wildflower Trail, Cleetwood Cove Trail and the Rim Drive.

Visit The Crater Lake National Park

2. Explore The Oregon Caves National Monument

Set aside a full day to explore the dark, labyrinthine interiors of the Oregon Caves National Monument which is nestled within the Siskiyou Mountains. The Oregon Caves, which are basically a collection of passages and chambers formed in marble (and in some places in limestone), were carved out from rainwater which percolated into the earth over  a period of several million years.  This cave system was discovered in 1874. Today, the expansive yet fragile environs within the cave offer visitors the perfect opportunity to study fossils.

Explore The Oregon Caves National Monument

3. Walk Through Lan Su Chinese Gardens

Lan Su Chinese Gardens, which is also referred to as the Garden of Awakening Orchids, is a gorgeous walled Chinese Garden. This garden is located in downtown Portland, Oregon.

This authentic Ming Dynasty Style Garden is an oasis of tranquil beauty and harmony.

Lan Su Chinese Gardens which takes up a whole block of the famous Chinatown district is full of beautiful open pavilions, magnificent winding walkways, majestic open colonnades and luxuriantly planted landscapes. Besides soaking up the tranquil vibe of this garden, guests can also head to the magnificent teahouse to sip some hot brew.

Walk Through Lan Su Chinese Gardens

4. Relax at Cannon Beach

This quaint and picturesque destination is located in Pacific Northwest coast of Oregon. The Cannon Beach is located 80 miles west of Portland is best known for its nine miles of powdery white shoreline and the ever changing vistas of the azure blue sea.

The beach is a natural habitat to endemic wildlife.

To study nesting seabirds at close quarters, tourists can head to Haystack Rock. Popular adventure activities which tourists can partake of while visiting Cannon Beach, include hiking, swimming, surfing, paddling and biking.

Relax At Cannon Beach

5. Visit the Oregon Zoo

Oregon zoo has come a long way from its initial days as a downtown pharmacy’s menagerie.  The Oregon Zoo, which was founded in 1888, has positioned itself as leader in animal welfare and conservation.

This zoo is located in West Portland. The 64 acre Oregon zoo is home to an extensive range of animals, birds, fish, reptiles and invertebrates.

Popular exhibits at this zoo include the African Rainforest, Amazon Flooded Forest, Eagle Canyon, Cougar Crossing, Mayan Sun Bears and Predators of the Serengeti (to name a few exhibits).

Visit The Oregon Zoo

6. Discover Washington Park

Washington Park is a 159 acre, urban park.  This park is located just two miles west of downtown Portland. One of the premier tourist attractions in Oregon, the Washington Park, is an expansive area which comprises of a well maintained zoo, a beautiful children’s museum, a gorgeous rose garden, an archery range, a forestry museum, an authentic Japanese garden and an arboretum. The Washington Park also features numerous memorials.

Discover Washington Park

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