7 Best Themed Amusement Parks In Brazil

Amusement parks are truly great source of recreation. It helps in reminding your childhood experience and successfully relieves you from all the stress. There is no other place in the world where you can become a child and enjoy all the rides with your children. Perhaps this is the reason why amusement parks are famous all over the world. Theme parks and amusement parks not only create recreation but also improve the economy by attracting many tourists. These amusement parks provide enjoyment and create employment to lot of people. Brazil is no less to any other place and provides house for lot of amusement and theme parks.

Here Is A List Of Seven Best Amusement Parks In Brazil You Must Visit:

1. Hopi Hari Amusement Park:

This amusement park is located in Vinhedo which is 50 kilometer away from Sao Paulo. You can easily reach this amusement park from Sao Paulo as there are approximately 9 buses in different locations. It offers about 37 major attractions based on 5 themes. Those themes are:

• Infantasia
• Kaminda mundi
• Mitieri
• Aribabbiba
• Wild west

The first theme is completely dedicated to kids. This theme offers about 9 attractions including an aquatic playground. The second theme offers about 6 attractions including an Eiffel tower. The third theme offers 6 major attractions one of which is the Montesum roller coaster which is the largest roller coaster of Latin America. The fourth and fifth regions offer about 9 and 8 attractions respectively which will keep you quite engaged.

Hopi Hari Amusement Park

2. Beto Carrero World Amusement Park:

This park is the biggest amusement park in Latin America. It is located in the Penha city and is ranked 6th in the world’s best amusement parks. The complex is spread across fourteen kilometers and has 9 theme areas. Few attractions of this theme park include:

• Nation’s castle
• Carrossel
• Baby elephant
• Ferris wheel

The entire above mentioned can be suggested as the highlights of the park. They are suitable for kids as well as adults and give you great joy. The park also has a zoo which showcases large number of animals.

Beto Carrero World

3. Beach Park:

This amusement park is located on the beach of the Porto das Dunas. This park is suitable for people of all age groups. This park offers great attractions and truly promises a great time. It has a number of aquatic sports that give you complete joy and happiness. It is a must visit park with your family to have a quality time.

Visit Beach Park

Beach Park

4. Alpen Recreation Park:

This park is located in Canela and is one of the best amusement parks to be visited in Brazil. It has many attractions. The entry ticket to the park is free but you have to pay for each attraction. Rappell and tree climbing are one of the best attractions located in the park.

Alpen Recreation Park

5. Mirabilandia Recreation Park:

In northeast of Brazil travelling parks are common. This recreation park is the only fixed park in that region. This park features about 35 attractions suitable for the entire family. Some of the important attractions include the universal park, American park and the tornado roller coaster.

Visit Mirabilandia Recreation Park

Mirabilandia Recreation Park

6. Mundo A Vapor:

This amazing park is located in Canela. It has wide range of attractions available for both kids and adults.

Visit Mundo A Vapor

Mundo A Vapor

7. Terra Encantada:

This amazing amusement is located in Rio de Janerio. It was designed in 1998 with modern trends and is a best place to visit.

Terra Encantada

The above mentioned themed parks are best for adventure lovers. Try them out atleast once!

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