10 Best Travel Destination In Georgia, America

Georgia, in America is also referred to as the Empire State or the Peach State which is surely one among the few which has the capability of taking off the burden of usual life with its spectacular and amazing sights you must have ever encountered. Thus when you feel like taking off for a holiday with family or friends this season, you can surely take Georgia as the place where you would enjoy to the fullest. With the amazing places like Savannah and Atlanta, this place is going to surely keep you on the toes where you will find adventures for both the old and the young.

Thus Without Further Ado, Let Us Check Out Some Of The Best Travel Destinations In Georgia, America

1. The Pebble Hill Plantation

In case you are willing to get back to America’s very own Antebellum Era, the Pebble Hill Plantation located in Thomasville will do the same for you. Where the grounds here are pre packed with Southern culture, it’s a perfect picnic abode under the lovely shade of the trees or just amble via the mellow gardens all over. With horses and the riders not escaping your view at times in here, to get inside the main house you would need to book a tour in advance.


2. The Jekyll Island

The Jekyll Island had been the place where the America’s self-made elites would go for a retreat in mansions along the south eastern coast during the 1886’s to 1942’s. Thus, indeed this place is all about grandiose mansions, beaches and streets with magnolia and oak trees and you might experience the life of luxury in Georgia.


3. The Georgia Aquarium

While you visit Georgia, you cannot miss the world’s largest aquarium located in Atlanta which boasts of having more than 10 million gallons of water house creatures which include the like of stingrays, jellyfishes, albino alligators, garden eels and many more. This place has a touch pool as well and which can keep the kiddos interested for good.


4. Monterey Square

Even though the Southern town of Savannah in Georgia has a lot of history to offer to the visitors, Monterrey Square is one of the places which offers the most scenic of views. This place hosts the statue of the Revolutionary War hero named Casmir Pulaski situated amidst the greatest houses like Mercer House which was built way back in the year 1860’s.


5. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site as the name suggests is something which beholds the birthplace as well as the grave of some of the famous civil right leaders and also the King himself. Located in Atlanta, once inside you would be able to view the family belongings, however to take a tour of the King Centre a tour booking is necessary.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

6. The Stone Mountain Park

The Stone Mountain Park, about fifteen minutes downtown from Atlanta is a pretty mix of untamed forest line and a theme park which boasts of two huge gold courses and 3200 acres of natural beauty which includes tree top rope climbing, nature trails and a Swiss cable car experience you cannot miss. This place also houses the world’s largest high relief sculptures too.


7. The Amicalola Falls

The Amicalola Falls located in Dawsonville is one of the tallest waterfalls in the South eastern United States and rushes down from an altitude of 729 feel. This place has a grand hiking feature and points to view the fall or you can relax and view the falls from the Maple Restaurant if you wish to as well.


8. The Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest

The Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest is located in northern Georgia and is the hub of outdoor activities for people of all age groups ranging from kayaking, fishing, horseback riding and hiking. This forest is also home to one of the spectacular village named as Helen which is a welcome change from the city life where the cobblestone streets and the simple lifestyle will take you aback. Do not forget to carry your camera though else you would regret for sure.


9. The Sea Island Golf Club

Even though you might not be great with your swings, the Sea Island Golf Club should be in your must visit list while in Georgia as the golf course runs along a grand beach and ocean and can simply make your day in minutes.


10. The Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre located in Atlanta is again another must visit due to the fact that it is surely relieving the memories of 1920 cinema and build in an old mosque structure the minarets and dome architecture are sure to impress if not more!


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