10 Seriously Must Visit Spooky Places In America

Seriously Must Visit Spooky Places In America

America is the dream country everyone aims to visit. This multicultural and dynamic country has the most varied and multicultural lifestyle where people come from various countries. From stunning educational hubs to beautiful tourist places, this amazing place consists of everything a person can desire. However, there are some amazing and spooky places in America, very few people know about. The mystery, horror and darkness of these places are significant and is felt by many localities and are signified as the most spooky and creepy places of America. If you love to visit such spooky, dangerous, mystic and terrible places where you can get the negative vibes of ghosts and all the horrible creatures, here is a list of such places you can visit at your own risk!!

1. The Sleepy Hollow, New York

This spooky place located in the desirable city of New York is said to be the residence of the “headless man” riding the horse. This lace gets open for the tourists from the early fall and people love to celebrate Halloween and such horrifying festivals at this place.

The Sleepy Hollow, New York

2. Seattle, Washington

Love the scenic and industrial life of this amazing place? Here is a horror ad terrific side of this town which you would not want to experience. The famous fire of Seattle in 1889 did ruin the entire industrial area of Seattle which was closed for a certain time period. This spot then became a spot for the businesses like prostitution, gambling, where the paranormal activities are frequently experienced. However, if you like to visit such places, you would be happy to know that it is open for the tourists to visit.

Seattle, Washington

3. Savannah, Georgia

This horrifying tunnel which passes through the old chandler hospital which is considered as a haunted place would get you cold feet with a sweaty body. This place is considered haunted due to the dead bodies of the victims of the yellow fever buried in the surrounding areas. Pass by this tunnel and you would experience the terror and horror of this place.

Savannah, Georgia

4. Charleston, South Carolina

Wondering how the ghosts of the dangerous criminal would look like? If you have a keen interest with this subject, you can visit this spooky ad haunted place in American and get your answers. The place has the cemetery where the bodies of the victims and the serial killers were buried. People and visitors have felt the ghosts roaming around the entire place! Isn’t this spooky and terrifying enough?

Charleston, South Carolina

5. Estes Park Colorado

Just as dramatic as the horror films where the ladies ghosts play the vintage pianos, this place is too a dramatically spooky place where you could experience such things. This amazingly scenic and beautiful place in Colorado turns into a horrifying and spooky place in the dark nights where the wife of the owner of this stunning property died decades ago is heard playing piano and roaming in the entire property.

Estes Park Colorado

6. New Orleans, Louisiana

If you are extremely curious about the vampires, witchcraft and such horrifying creatures, this is the place you must know about. This cemetery has tombs and such areas where such creatures have developed their residence. Visit this place and feel the horror!

New Orleans, Louisiana

7. The Winchester Mystery House San Jose California

This place has a huge and interesting story behind its horror and spookiness. The people of this place were cursed by people who were killed with the Winchester rifles. The solution to get rid of the curse was to build an endless house and this is the result of the solution. The house was proper and was getting construction till the owner of the home died and has 160 rooms. The visitors speak about the spooky and creepy feel as they enter this haunted house.

 The Winchester Mystery House San Jose California

8. Trans Allegheny Asylum

This place for the mentally discharged people is considered to be a spot for haunting and spooky paranormal activities. The spirits of the patients who died a miserable death and the soldiers of war are found roaming in this asylum. This place is open for the tourists and visitors who would want to experience the ghosts and the spooky feel.

Trans Allegheny Asylum

9. Gettysburg Battlefield

The battle fields where the soldiers are died in a large numbers are generally considered as the haunting places. This place where the around 50,000 soldiers died during the civil war is considered as a haunted place where the visitors can still find the spirits and ghosts of the soldiers roaming around.

Gettysburg Battlefield

10. St Augustine Lighthouse Florida

This is a place where you would fine haunting shadows, UN bearable and unpleasant noises, and horrifying spirits which would make you run away. The ghosts of this place are the daughters of the constructor who died a miserable death which haunts people.

St Augustine Lighthouse Florida

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