6 Pleasant Things To Do In Paraguay

Paraguay is a wonderful landlocked nation in the middle of South America. It lies between the three nations, namely, Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil. Asunicon is the capital of Paraguay that is located in the vicinity of amazing Paraguay River. This nation is an abode of subtropical forests, savanna, and big swamplands. Also, you can find here fascinating pre-Columbian ceramics, exquisite ñandutí lacework, and several eye-catching items. So, you can enjoy a variety of interesting activities when visiting Paraguay. Let’s have a look at some engaging things to do in this incredible South American country.

Find Below Six Fun-filled Things To Do When Visiting Paraguay:

1. Cruise On The Paraguay River

Sailing on the pleasant Paraguay River is an enchanting experience. So, plan to visit the Paraguay River, which is one of the prominent rivers in the South America. Enjoy spotting amazing wildlife. Discover the incredible history of the Paraguay. Take a river tour available there. You can stop at worth-visiting national parks and fabulous towns along your way while exploring the river and its surrounding.


2. Watch The Itaipu Dam

Itaipu Dam is the biggest hydroelectric dam which is located on the Parana River between two nations Paraguay and Brazil. Make sure you visit this breathtaking dam and enjoy spectacular light shows here at the night. You can go for pleasant walking tours. Also, you can enjoy fishing expedition at this fabulous dam.

In addition to this, visit the Museum of the Guarani Land, which lies in the vicinity of this dam in the Paraguay, to watch an amazing exhibition of the indigenous culture.

Also, plan to visit the Tati Yupi Sanctuary to have a look at unique wildlife and birdlife, by following the trails present there.


3. Explore Chaco

Visit Chaco, which is a sparsely populated, semi-arid region in Paraguay. It comprises empty plains and forests that amount about 61% of the Paraguay’s total area. You can find here spectacular national parks, that include Cerro Cora national park, Defensores del Chaco, Enciso, and Tifunque national park. It is one of the best destinations for birders to watch unique birds. Also, you may get a chance to spot a Jaguar.


4. Visit Enchanting Iguazu Falls

You can find spellbinding Iguazu Falls of the eye-catching Iguazu River at the Triple Frontera. These breathtaking falls are present at the destination where the Brazil and Argentina meet Paraguay.

It offers you one of the most enchanting sights on the planet.

The bustling town of Ciudad del Este is an ideal crossing point to these mesmerizing falls. You can plan to go to the south in a district in Paraguay called Presidente Franco and go for a ferry to visit Argentina from here. Also, you can go to Brazil by crossing the spectacular ‘Friendship Bridge’ here.


5. Discover Encarnacion

Encarnacion, which is also widely popular as ‘The Pearl of the South’ is the second prosperous and the third biggest city present in the Paraguay. You can find it in the vicinity of the fascinating Parana River. Don’t miss visiting the lively waterfront region of this marvelous city. The summer time from the December to February is the best time to explore the beach here and visit the most wonderful carnival of Paraguay.


6. Tour To Amazing Tea Plantations

Paraguay earns the fame of housing Yerba mate tea plantations, which is one of the most famous infusions worldwide. Yerba mate earns a great significance and fame of being exported to England in the 19th century. Also, this unique tea was exchanged for boats. You can find Yerba mate tea plantations in the south of Paraguay and you can have a guided tour to visit these incredible tea plantations.


Now that you know these six interesting things to do in Paraguay, make sure you enjoy each of these activities when visiting this beautiful country in the South America.

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