6 Most Unique Hotels In Latin America

Bored of holidaying in the same kind of luxurious hotels or resorts? Looking for some unique stays that will make your trip more adventurous and thrilling? Then, Latin America has a lot to offer. The land with unique landscape and fascinating settings has the most unusual stay options that will mesmerize you and make the holiday the most memorable one in your life. Have a look to get a glimpse of the best unique hotels in Latin America.

Unique Hotels In Latin America:

1. Costa Verde

Located in the coastal rainforest, sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Manuel Antonio National Park is the adventure stay, Costa Verde. Luxurious rooms offering views of the ocean or the rainforest and adventure sports are great but what is more special and unique about the resort is the vintage Boeing 727 rental. The unique aircraft suite is so comfortable with teak paneling, hand carved interiors, air conditioners, private bath, kitchenette, dining area, terrace, scenic views and so on.

Costa Verde

2. Palacio de Sal

Have you ever imagined a building made of salt? If you are thinking whether it is possible to construct one using such an unusual building material, then Palacio de Sal is the answer. The entire stay from walls to ceiling to floor and even the beds, a few furniture and sculptures are made with salt. The place is truly magical and unbelievable.

Palacio de Sal

3. Astronomy Resort

Located in the Elqui Valley with Andes as the backdrop, the astronomy themed stay offers guests stargazing from their beds inside bi-level dome tents and a horseback riding on a star lit night along with a tutorial on how to read the skies. The tents are so comfortable with beds, heating system, bathroom, large terrace, detachable roof, and a telescope. An onsite restaurant and the isolated pollution free environment are simply wonderful.

Astronomy Resort

4. Montana Magica

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A fantastic retreat in the mid of the Huilo-Huilo biological reserve, between the Andes is the volcano shaped, vine covered lodge from whose top flows down a small waterfall. It is a fairy tale like location in the middle of a jungle. Indoors are comfortable with all basic facilities and are completely made of wood giving you a feel of living inside a hollow tree or even hobbit hole.

Montana Magica

5. Entre Cielos

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The wine resort located in the wineries with the awe-inspiring snowcapped Andes in the backdrop will give you a completely different experience during your stay. The most unique thing in the luxury resort is the loft suite that stands above the vineyard like a protective cocoon. Unique in its design and style, the suite is a limited edition one with a queen-sized bed, bathtub, terrace and windows in the roof for stargazing at night.

Entre Cielos

6. Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica

This eco-luxury lodge is one among the twenty-five best eco-lodges in the world. It is situated in front of the river Madre de Dios. The property has 35 wooden cabanas. The guests can indulge in varied activities like an excursion to the Inkaterra Canopy Walkway, where one can witness the breathtaking views of the Amazon. The canopy tree house offers a memorable and unique experience of rainforest, which has almost 540 bird species. The tree house is 73 feet above the lush ground from where guests can view wild animal species. A stay at the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica is indeed magical, adventurous and offers a memorable Amazon experience.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica

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