13 Stunning Tourist Attractions In Suriname That You Must Not Miss

Suriname is a beautiful small nation that you can find on the northeast seacoast of the South America. Lush green tropical rainforests, impressive colonial architecture of the Dutch era, biodiversity, and harmonious culture of the country attract tourists worldwide to explore Suriname. Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname and it’s well-known for being the home to tall wood cathedral i.e. Saint Peter and Paul Basilica that dates back to the year 1885.  Warm, amicable climate, roaring rivers, rich history and culture, unique wildlife and marine life, and amazing forests welcome tourists to have an enjoyable time in Suriname. So, let’s have a look at some popular tourist spots in this country.

Find Below Thirteen Worth-visiting Tourist Destinations In Suriname

1. Central Suriname Nature Reserve

Central Suriname Nature Reserve is the biggest nature reserve found in the Suriname.

It stretches over 16,000 sq. km and has a rich biodiversity.

Explore a vast variety of flora and fauna here. Watch Guiana cock-of-the-rock, spider monkeys, and electric eels here. This nature reserve is popular for being in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. Don’t miss exploring granite domes here. Voltzbergisa is a 240 m eye-catching granite dome that offers you spectacular view of the forest in its vicinity. Make sure you visit Raleighvallen, Raleigh Falls, which is the most enchanting attraction in this nature reserve.

Central Suriname Nature Reserve

2. Paramaribo

Paramaribo is world famous as the biggest city in the Suriname and its capital city which is situated on the banks of the picturesque Suriname River. Spend a pleasant time in the tropical weather of this city. Have a stroll around this spectacular city watching various attractive structures. Don’t miss watching beautiful grassy squares outlined with white and black eye-catching Dutch colonial structures. Shop exquisite Maroon artists’ artwork that is been sold in the ancient Dutch forts.


3. Tafelberg

Explore Tafelberg, one of the popular and one of the highest mountains in the Suriname.

It is a mesa mountain 1,026 m high and an integral part of the Tafelberg Nature Reserve.

Go to its flat ‘table top’ and have breathtaking, spectacular view of the rainforest. This mountain is a fantastic destination for the expert climbers and nature lovers.


4. Brownsberg Nature Park

Are you fond of camping in the forests? Don’t miss visiting Brownsberg Nature Park, which is 500 m above the seawater level and about 80 miles from the capital city Paramaribo.

This park is a great location for camping in the forests and perfect destination to explore stunning wildlife and plants. You can discover lots of rare animals and plants in the neotropical rainforest in this area of Suriname. You can also enjoy hiking as you walk through the spectacular stretch in this nature park.

Brownsberg Nature Park

5. Julianatop

Don’t miss visiting Julianatop, 1,280 metres tall, the tallest mountain in the entire Suriname.

You can find this breathtaking mountain in the Sipaliwini District. Julianatop is the perfect destination for expert climbers. You can have enchanting nature’s views from the foot of this mountain as well as from the mountains and hills in the vicinity.


6. Brokopondo Reservoir

Don’t miss visiting one of the biggest reservoirs in the world by paying a visit to the Brokopondo Reservoir.

This man-made reservoir accounts for about 1% flooding of the Suriname.

It is efficient enough to supply the necessary boost to the fishing opportunities and aluminum industry here.

Brokopondo Reservoir

7. Coppename River

Visit Coppename River, which is a beautiful, long river passing through spectacular rainforests and prominent mountainous areas of the Suriname. Bailey Bridge is the best destination to watch the scenic view of this exquisite river. See the beautiful point where Coppename River joins Saramacca River and then joining the Atlantic ocean.

Coppename River

8. Galibi Nature Reserve

Make sure you visit Galibi Nature Reserve in the northeast area of the Suriname.

It was established in 1969 in the vicinity of the Coppename River.

You can find here a variety of species of flora and fauna, such as endangered manatee. Galibi Nature Reserve is well-known for being the abode of the Giant Leatherback Sea turtle, an endangered turtle species. Span between the February and August is the best time to watch these rare turtles, as they approach the shore for nesting. Also, explore Amerindian villages here. Shop some exquisite artworks and handicrafts here in the villages nearby.

Galibi Nature Reserve

9. Fort Zeelandia

Do you want to learn history of the Suriname? Visit Zeelandia, an historic attraction in Suriname which is situated in the Paramaribo.

It was constructed by French in the 1600s, later expanded by the British, and completed during the regimen of Dutch.

Peep into the history by walking through the old passages of the fort Zeelandia. You can watch amazing views of the beautiful Suriname River from this old fort.

Fort Zeelandia

10. Independence Square

Independence Square is another attraction found in the capital of Suriname with historicalsignificance.

It is an area in the city signifying the Suriname’s freedom for the regimen of Dutch in 1975.

Make sure you visit Presidential Palace, open-air markets, spectacular waterfront area, and beautiful gardens. Visit this area at the night when it is brightened up fantastically with small golden lights.

Independence Square

11. Jodensavanne

Discover the ruins of the first most Jewish localities in this country by visiting Jodensavanne in the southern area of the Suriname’s capital. Some Jews who fled away from the Spanish Inquisition settled here in Suriname in around 1630.

This area was affected by fire in 1830s resulting in the destruction of lots of infrastructure.

Today, you can find the remains of some Jewish synagogues and graves here and have an insight of the history of this region in Suriname.


12. Arya Dewakar

Arya Dewakar is the biggest Hindu temple that you can find in Paramaribo in Suriname. It is a two-storey unique octagonal structure that comprises a library, meeting rooms, and ceremony room.

This temple is extremely important to the greater than 30,000 Hindus who reside here.

The architecture style of Arya Dewakar temple is a unique blend of Dutch architecture and ancient Moghul style. After visiting the temple, you can find that most of the things in this amazing temple are designed to signify the aspects of the Sun. Also, you will discover several Hindi and Sanskrit symbols here.

Arya Dewakar

13. Roman Catholic Cathedral

Don’t miss visiting Roman Catholic Cathedral, also well-known as St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral, when in Suriname.

It is the biggest wooden structure, which was constructed in 1885, in the Western Hemisphere and unique architectural landmark that you can find in this country.

It is painted in yellow and grey colors in a peculiar way with lots of tourists visiting it to watch this amazing architectural structure every year.

Roman Catholic Cathedral

Now that you know these worth-visiting tourist attractions in Suriname, make sure visit each one of them when planning to spend your vacations here.

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