10 Things To Do In Guatemala


This awesome country in the amazing Central America is just a rocking and stunning place to visit. This stunning place inspired with the rocking and stylish Spanish civilization, culture and amazing festivals would make you never come back from your trip to this awesome place. This place is rich with amazing tourist places where thousands of visitors come to have the glimpse of the stunning natural and cultural beauty of this awesome place. From stunning and scenic lakes to beautiful volcanoes, this place is rich with all the breathtakingly beautiful and rocking natural locations and destinations. If you love to visit such amazing places having a dynamic and varied couture numerous tourists’ places, stunning churches, cathedrals and museums, and many other tourists places, you must visit this amazing country this vacation and get a blissful experience. Let us take you to a visual trip in the beautiful and stunning space of Guatemala.

10 Things To Do In Guatemala

1. Visit The Stunning Lake Atitlan

This beautiful lake on the town side would make you go crazy over the stunning landscapes and the beautiful views of the waters. The stunning lake would make you face to face with the large gardens, beautiful hills, mountain chains, the stunning tribal villages and much more. You would never w\forget this wonderful trip to this lake if you go for a boat trip which would provide you a calming and stunning experience.

Visit The Stunning Lake Atitlan

2. Visit The Old Mayan Civilization

This beautiful place is inspired and constructed on the stunning Mayan civilization. If you want to explore the stunning and beautiful traditional Mayan you must go through this awesome place and enhance your trip. The beautiful pyramid, sculptures and structures located centrally in the beautiful forests of this place would make you go crazy over the scenic beauty of this place.

Visit The Old Mayan Civilization

3. Explore The Deep Jungles Of Semuc Champey

The American forests are the best locations with beautiful rivers and lakes which would make tour trip unforgettable. This amazing and beautiful forest and jungle of semuc champey would make you familiar with the tropical region and the beauty of this place. Here you would be able to witness some amazing plants and trees you never would have seen before. Also hiking and swimming are the best adventure sports you can enjoy here.

Explore The Deep Jungles Of Semuc Champey

4. Visit Pacaya, The Stunning Volcano

This amazing place of Guatemala is filled with amazing volcanoes where you can go and enhance your geographical knowledge. If you want to visit a stunning site with beautiful volcanic eruptions, you must consider this awesome place and get an unforgettable experience. Also you can hike to the top of the volcanoes and have such a blissful experience.

Visit Pacaya, The Stunning Volcano

5. Go For Shopping

If you want the beautiful American attires and accessories, this is a place you must visit. Guatemala is culturally varied and has its own significance and charm. If you love to go for shopping during each and every trip, you must go for shopping in the local markets and streets of this place and get your wallets empty. The stunning and trendy accessories, outfits and amazing sculptures available in this place would steal your heart.

Go For Shopping

6. Visit Lake Izabal

This flourishing and beautiful lake of Izabal would make you fall in love with Guatemala. In the beautiful weather, experience going for boating in this awesome and beautiful place and watch the beautiful scenic and natural beauty around. This place is so rich and beautiful that you would never want to step out of it.

Visit Lake Izabal

7. Visit Tikal

This amazing place is fled with beautiful jungles and stunning waterfalls. If you want to have the fun of roaming in the beautiful, dense and stunning jungles of America, you must consider going to Tikal, a dense and stunning jungle in Mayan which would steal your heart. Just like the beautiful and glorious jungles you watch in the movies this amazing glace would give you the same feel with beautiful waterfalls, stunning forest and monkeys roaming around. This place also has stunning national park for zoo and animal lovers.

Visit Tikal

8. La Aurora Zoo

If you love to visit zoos and national parks, here is a beautiful and glorious place to visit. The diverse range of beautiful and lively monkeys, and various other monkeys and their species would make you go crazy with excitement.

La Aurora Zoo

9. Cathedral Metropolitan

This awesome cathedral has the beautiful accents of the Mexican and Roman Catholics. This beautiful and stunning cathedral would make your trip enriched and enhanced and would fill it with joy and fun. If you like to visit such cultural and traditional monuments, this is the place to visit.

 Cathedral Metropolitan

10. National Museum Of Archaeology And Ethnology

This amazing museum is a dedication to such flourishing and beautiful archaeological sites and monuments. This monument is studded with beautiful traditional carvings and stunning decorations aimed to conserve the national archaeology and culture.

National Museum Of Archaeology And Ethnology

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