6 Marvellous Beaches In Guatemala

Guatemala is a country situated in Central America. It has beautiful beaches on both sides. One on the side of the Pacific Ocean, while other on the side of Caribbean sea. However, the maximum number of tourist spots are landlocked. Very few tourists have made their way to the beautiful beaches. The beaches of Guatemala remind me of Robert Frost’s poem, ‘The Road Not Taken’; which talks about the less traveled road, but the one which gave intense pleasure. The beaches are covered with volcanic sand.

1. Monterrico

Though the beach is not situated in the tropical region, has a pleasant climate. The beach is known for the conservation of sea turtles. During the months August to November the sea turtles come to the beach in order to lay eggs. This is the annual phenomena. The local people hunt for the eggs of these turtles and give a few to the conservation hatcheries “tortugarios”. These turtles are the ones that lure the tourists to this beach.


2. Playa Blanca

Are you looking for a destination that will provide you peace over the weekend? Do you want to get rid of the daily hectic schedule? Well, then Playa Tilapa is the perfect destination to fulfill your demands. The place full of white sand with palm trees separating the beach from other parts of the city and crystal clear water adds on to its beauty. The serene sea waters provide an ideal ambiance for swimming. The long stretch of beach offers ample area for sunbathe.

Playa Blanca

3. Champerico

You want to have fun surfing on waves? This is the place, which will allow you to enjoy this adventurous sport and enjoy gliding on the sea waves. Since the sea is rough and dangerous at times you need to be cautious. You’ll be able to explore lip-smacking fresh sea food and popular local delicacies in the restaurants near the beach. The water is warm surrounded by black sand adding on to its beauty. There are palm-roof decks along the beach, where you can relax and watch the sun set. However, there are no provisions for accommodation. Thus, one day tour is the best option.


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4. Iztapa

It is known to be the first Pacific port of Guatemala built in 16th Century, was put to use only by one person Pedro de Alvarado. But in 19th century another port was built and Peurto de Iztapa took a set back and became a tranquil place for the tourists. If you love fishing, you can take a boat and go fishing or simply go up-to sand bars, expanses of black virgin sand and watch the waves crashing, a sight which is full of natural music and rhythm.


5. Playa Dorada

Looking for a peaceful adventure? Then Playa Dorada is the right place for you. Various adventure sports are provided by the resorts near Playa Dorada. You can enjoy windsurfing, snorkeling and fishing. The equipment required for these is either available on rent or you may get it for free as well. The surrounding has idyllic appearance with a beach ideal for sunbathing.

Playa Dorada

6. Punta De Manabique

It is a peninsula separating Amatique Bay from Gulf of Honduras. This part is declared as a wildlife reserve. This reserve, not only has tropical rain-forest along with mangroves, in addition to this, it has the fauna that flourishes in such climate. This reserve plays an important part in conserving the delicate salt water ecosystem, example; mollusks, crustaceans, reptiles, amphibians, four kinds of sea turtles, bird sanctuary, etc. However, this place is largely desolate yet lovely.

Punta De Manabique

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