Top 10 Adventurous Travel Destinations Of 2016

We all love to spend our vacation in some of our favourite destination. We love to sit between hills and nature. We usually come back home with memories, relaxed mind, lots of energies for work and a new plan to visit some adventurous place in the next time. But how many of you want to see the wildlife of Antarctica or want to be between snow walls? Going into an unknown forest where you probably see some dangerous species? Well, an adventurous vacation will be a lifetime achievement for you.

Let’s Focus On 10 Adventurous Travel Destinations In The World.

1. Tahiti

Tahiti is a place with most beautiful mountains and blue shaded ocean. You can just sit on the beach to observe the scenic beauty or you can try some adventurous sports. It is totally depends on you how you want to enjoy here. You can learn the scuba diving and go for the diving in the clear blue water. You can also try mountaineering, climbing the mountains which are surrounded by clouds.

2. Greenland

Greenland is the fabulous place which offers striking sceneries, incredible cold wildlife and rich northern lights. The cold freezing icy atmosphere looks amazing. Spring is the perfect time to visit the place. In this season the sea ice and snow remain thick so that you are able to do dog sledding and the getting the freezing saltwater fishes. April is the time when you can enjoy the Northern Lights.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

This city of Southern Iceland is popular for night clubs and bars. But this city has excellent scenic beauty. You can thrill yourself by the glacier tour. It will be a lifetime experience. Take a walk on the Solheimajokull glacier for half an hour. See closely the Ice Mountains, walk inside the glacier and heard the sound of the glacier shifting sound. It will be wonderful and memorable lifetime achievement. You can enjoy the freezing weather with moving glacier, what else do you want in your vacation?

4. Mongolia

This country has vast greenish grassland and desert area. This place has lots off Buddhist monasteries. This country has popular yearly festival Naadam which still showcase travelling skills. You can see its scenic beauty of the world’s oldest and deepest Lake Baikal. You can take the chance to experience the marvellous sun set over the vast area of the Gobi Desert.

5. Soomaa National Park, Estonia, Finland

Estonia of Finland is a very small place which is covered with forest. This place often experience with much more tourists than its residents. If you are planning to go for a summer adventure in forest then this is the ideal destination. You can go for hiking and camping. You can experience of exotic wildlife with primitive heritage from here.

6. Ceara, Brazil

This coastline state is full with mountains, valleys and awesome landscape with sand banks. This state is the place where party is the wonderful reality. You can devote your days in kite and windsurfing and nights can be enjoyed by Forro dancing. Brazil is amazingly diverse and wide country.

7. Jaeren, Norway

This is another adventurous place where you can experience real escapades. This is the place where you can surf, ski and snowboard at the same day. The Jaeren beach provides the base where you can learn the surfing and practice advance stage of the surfing. September and the October are the best time for surfing.

8. New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its roughly beautiful landscape. Rock climbers always appreciate the landscape. This country has lots of mountains and it is included in the list of international climbing destinations. This country has limestone rock, coastline and clean fresh air. The view from the mountains is wonderful.

9. The Pyrenees Mountains, France

The small town of the France called Cauterets has the Pyrenees Mountains. These mountains are attached to the delightful roads of the town. Hiking, cycling are popular activities in the area. The coastline is amazing and the food, drinks are accompanied its beauty of nature. This place offers scenic beauty as well as adventure sports.

10. Chiang Mai

The Chiang Mai city is situated in the Northern Thailand. Here Tuktuk a small carriage attached with motorcycle is available for roaming around the city, delicious foods like fish curry and coconut banana pudding is also available. In summer evening you can spend at the river with bamboo raft or visit near village of the “Karen Long Neck Ladies”. But the speciality of this city is elephant trek. In this trek, travellers may sit on the back of the elephant and experience different stunts.

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