10 Incredible Forests Of The World To Plan Your Vacation

Forests Of The World To Plan Your Vacation

The forests are full of fauna and flora with amazing views. Rain forests are full of interesting trees and unexplored creatures. Adventure seekers always try to visit forests for its interesting nature and unexplored secrets. Exploring new things have the different types of experience. Well, there are many dense rainforests are there in the world which is famous destinations and also there are many which are not so popular. We are going to point out both in terms of its beauty, wildlife and reach.

Here Is The List Of Some Unbelievable Forests Destination To Retreat Yourself. Read On:

1. Brazilian Amazon

The Brazilian Amazon is one of the famous forests in the world. The Amazon is spread in nine countries but the maximum part of it is in the Brazil beside the Amazon River. The forest has the largest collection of plants and wildlife. The exciting part to select this forest for the vacation is one can enjoy hiking, boating along the Amazon River and enjoy the dense forest, exotic lunch in the water restaurant, travelling to the villages of the tribes and watch the wildlife of the forest and the river like, dolphins, Anaconda, Piranha, Jaguar, Giant Anteater, Giant Armadillo, Giant Otter and Amazonian Manatee.

Brazilian Amazon

2. The Forest In Borneo

Borneo is actually an island and almost entirely a rain forest. This forest has the more than ten thousand different plants with almost two thousand orchids and three thousand trees. You can also find some incredible wildlife The Borneo forest can give you an extraordinary experience of watching wildlife.

The Forest In Borneo

3. Sinharaja Forest Reserve of Sri Lanka

The forest of Sri Lanka has different kind of mystery and secrecy. It is the hot vacation spot in Sri Lanka. The forest area is smaller than other dense forests but it is full of endemic species including amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. The most common mammal which one can watch easily is purple face Langur, One can stay in the forest bunglow in the dense area and experience the real charm of the forest.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve of Sri Lanka

4. Kanha National Park, India

India has many exotic forests which are full of various kind of plants and species. Kanha national park or Kanha Tiger Reserve is famous for the Royal Bengal Tiger. This Tiger reserve is situated in the state Madhya Pradesh. The park includes Royal Bengal tiger, Indian leopards, Indian wild dog, barasingha and sloth bear. The Kanha inspired the author Rudyard Kipling to write his famous novel Jungle Book. Not only the forest but one can also experience the tribes of this area Baiga who are protecting this forest for decades.

Kanha National Park, India

5. Wild Forest Of Papua In New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is about 75 percent forest. It is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean near Australia. This forest has the wild kangaroos with other wild animals. The rich culture, historic value and wonderful view of plants and wildlife are the main attraction of the forest. This forest is another famous vacation spot for nature and adventure lovers.

Wild Forest Of Papua In New Guinea

6. Christmas Island

This is another popular forest for vacation. The island is located in the south of Indonesia and it is under the Australian territory. This forest is incredible with forty million Red Crabs and the Coconut Crabs. The Coconut Crab is on the largest in the crab species. The home of the crabs is under the trees.

Christmas Island

7. Cloud Forest, Peru

Those who are interested in the lost city of Inca’s Machu Picchu can visit the cloud forest of Peru. The marvellous scenery of the forest and the view of the cloud cover iconic fort is an incredible experience. The trekking part is also an amazing experience for viewing various kinds of plants and wildlife. The scene of cloud and sunlight on the forest is also very attractive.

Cloud Forest, Peru

8. Africa

Africa is world famous forest of exclusive huge forest area with various kinds of plants, trees and wildlife. The Coastal forest of West Africa inspired Edgar Rice Burroughsto write the story of Tarzan. You can experience the close watch of gorillas with a Gorilla Trek in this forest to meet the surrogate family of Tarzan.


9. Ancient Waipoua Forest, New Zealand

This forest is situated in North Island of New Zealand. This forest is famous for its ancient frighteningly huge Kauri Trees with huge trunks and bushy tops. The caves of these trees are also incredible. These caves included striking neon show.

Ancient Waipoua Forest, New Zealand

10. Suriname

This forest is easy to reach and untouched forest of northern South America. This forest becomes a popular tourist destination due to the television media Lonely Planet. One can stay in the camps or forest lodges and explore the rainforest by their own. It is a wonderful forest to explore plants and species.


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