7 Top Rated Attractions In Bornholm

The rocky island, Bornholm, is an exciting place where you can explore a lot of history, culture and art. This slow-paced Baltic island in Denmark is known for the walks, hikes and other adventure sports in the picturesque trails of the cleft valleys and rocky cliffs. The coastal strip and the inland vistas are no less to the cliffs. They offer more interesting sightseeing spots. There are a lot of interesting things to do on the island irrespective of its small size. A few amazing places in Bornholm are briefed below.

Things To Do In Bornholm:

1. Nylars Church

The distinctive round minster in the small village of Nylars is the best example for how buildings were used as defense lookout in the past. The structure constructed in 1160s is a well preserved worship and historical place today. The central pillar and the paintings illustrating the creation myths are wonderful. The huge cross in the porch, which belongs to the Renaissance period, is interesting. Bornholm’s 40 runestones in the church are special attractions one must not miss.

Nylars Church

2. Osterlars Church

Another round church by the name of village Osterlars might be misleading by its small size, but it holds incredible artistic and historic value along with some enticing mysteries. The largest round cathedral in Bornholm is supposed to be built around 1160. The major attractions in the church are the central pillar, paintings that describe the life of Jesus, kalkmalerier art, and runestones. It serves to be an example of medieval architecture on the island.

Osterlars Church

3. NaturBornholm

The nature museum is actually the place one needs to start his or her holiday in Bornholm. It is a lively place where you can learn interesting facts about the natural history, geological features and flora and fauna of the island. The exhibits, interactive displays provide a unique learning experience to children and adults.


4. Hammershus Castle Ruins

Located on a rocky plateau, the Hammershus Castle, the biggest castle ruin is a popular attraction of the island. The fort was built for protection against Danish invasion and was used as a dig out or mines until it was placed under conservation order. The magnificent views, exhibits in the entrance and models on the display are superb. The exhibits give clear details about the castle and fortification.

Hammershus Castle Ruins

5. Art Museum

The art museum is one of the stunning landscapes on the island. Built in 1993, the museum stands as a great example for the up-to-the-minute Danish structural design. The arts and crafts relating to the culture and heritage of the island and art work of artists from Bornholm school are on the display. About six to eight exhibitions are hosted by the museum every year in collaboration with the other art museums in Denmark and around the world.

Art Museum

6. Pea Islands

Pea Islands is a group of islands that lie to the northeastern region of Bornholm. It can be assessed by a boat from Svaneke, Gudhjem and Allinge. The main island has extensive fortifications, which was established by Christian V. The island also attracts a number of artists and poets. Frederiksø, the neighboring island has Little Tower (Lille Tarn), which is one of the interesting buildings on the island. Græsholm, another island in the group is home to a beautiful bird sanctuary.

Pea Islands

7. Hills Of Paradise

The inland of Bornholm is as beautiful as its coastline. ‘Hills of Paradise’ is privately owned and is about 3 km from the port of Nexo. The place is just perfect for those, who love hiking and mountain biking, as it has narrow valleys, lush forest and rocky soaring landscapes to explore.

Hills Of Paradise

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