8 Incredibly Exquisite Castles Around The World

Castle, some of the most exotic traces of the history stands even today but unfortunately not in all the places. How often we hear in history or some fairy tales about the gigantic castles but how many of us can actually believe their existence. Hasn’t this thing happened with you that while watching some animation, you also wished to be in one such castle? Well, don’t know about you but it has happened with me. Therefore, to make you believe its existence, I am going to introduce you to 8 unbelievably gigantic castles around the world. Do read about these castle and see next time you plan a trip, which one you visit.

8 Incredible Castles Around The World:

1. Predjama Castle

This Slovenian castle stands right on the mountain and under an arch that is meant for its defense. It might amaze you to know that regardless of being called a castle today, there was a time when it used to be the home of the local robber baron. Now can you imagine, how fortunate that robber might be? Although the exact age of the castle is unknown but according to most of the historical records, this castle’s history dates back around 1274.

Predjama Castle

2. Tintagel Castle, Cornwall, England

Standing high on the north Cornwall, England Tintagel castle shares a wonderful location. It has the beauty overflowing and you might be knowing what happens when beauty overflows. Yes, it becomes a real paradise. How beautiful the castle is from inside is another things but the first thing that won’t let you take your eyes off the castle is the stunning location near the sea and the pleasant beaches nearby. Being a castle and such a wonderful location is no less than cherry on the cake. With this castle is linked the legends of great king named King Arthur.

Tintagel Castle, Cornwall, England

3. Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Belvoir castle located in the English county of Leicestershire is still privately owned but still open to the visitors. The castle stands not only from the times of the Normans, but also has served and still serving the duke and duchess of Rutland. The castle is famous for its beautiful gardens and the interiors. Also, it overlooks forests and parklands covering an area of 16,000 acres. You must hurry and be here once.

Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

4. Mont St. Michel, France

Its very picture capture my senses and make me say “it is a dream?” The amazing location i.e. off the coast of Normandy, France gives it a stunning look and sometimes makes it accessible only by the quirks of tides. Besides being a breathtaking castle, it is also a walled city that is best known for its gothic convent. You must be here at least once because if you miss it then it is simply going to add to another regret of your life.

Mont St. Michel, France

5. Cite ’De Carcassonne

It actually is a fortified town located in the southern part of France that too on historic trade route. Carcassonne that was initially built and lived by the romans, today influences the public to vacation here and see how the romans lived. The castle might look singular but it is not one instead made from many towers standing adjacent to each other. Do come here and add some more knowledge to your history.

Cite ’De Carcassonne

6. Newschwanstein Castle

Newschwanstein is one of the newest castle of Germany. Built in 1869 on King Ludwig’s order, it was dedicated to Robert Wagner. Soon after the building of this castle and precisely the death of the king, it was opened to the public also. Ever since, the castle is highly prioritized as one of the most worthy thing to do and is getting popular with the tourists and the locals also.

Newschwanstein Castle

7. Chateau De Villandry, France

Undeniably one of the most wanted and the most picturesque castle in the world, chateau de villandry is located in France. It has that complex gardens that will make you gape at them for the whole day. The castle was completed in the year 1536 with three distinct garden designs. For linking the past with the present and carrying a significant position in the world, today it is listed as one of the world heritage sites of UNESCO. Come here and check out the castle and the gardens both.

Chateau De Villandry, France

8. Windsor Castle, England

It is grand, it is royal and it is must-visit. For its architecture and the British royal families that once lived in the castle, it has gained immense popularity. At present, it is said that more than 500 people live and work here in the Windsor castle. You must visit here once and see if your eyes can capture the whole sight of the castle at once or you need to change positions to capture the glimpse of the entire castle.

Windsor Castle, England

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