Top 12 Tourist Attractions In Cuba

Cuba is the largest Caribbean island nation and has a literacy rate of 99.8% which is one of the highest in the world. This island is in the shape of an alligator and is famous for its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, cigars, rum, and mountain scapes. Dance is synonymous to this nation and a rich culture and heritage adorn the country. A rich history and lovely natural landscapes beckon the travellers again and again to this nation.

Top Top 12 Places Of Tourist Attraction In Cuba Are:

1. Old Havana

The capital town of Cuba, Havana, has preserved its rich heritage in this part of the town called Old Havana. The cobbled streets, the baroque and neoclassical architecture, give us a glimpse of the historic times.

The old monuments are being restored but the old charm of the place is still maintained in the feel of the place.

Places like Plaza de la Catedral, Bodeguita del Medio which is the famous restaurant, and Castillo de la Real Fuerza the military fort are all reminiscent of the era of the architectural marvels. The Casa del Conde Jaruco is a famous tourist spot and this building has beautiful stained glass paintings on the floor. The famous Salsa dance originates from this town.

Old Havana

2. Playa Paraiso

Literally meaning the paradise beach, Playa Paraiso is a sublime white sand beach with bright blue waters situated on the island Cayo Largo del Sur, which is famous for its beaches and has a dry sunny climate and this island offers not many tourist attractions other than the mesmerising beaches and resorts.

Playa Paraiso

3. Santa Clara

Santa Clara is situated in the province of Villa Clara. It is a university town rich in cultural history and has the famous site of the last guerilla war led by Che Guevara. His body was buried in the mausoleum here, and the Memorial Comandante Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara is his memorial and the greatest tourist attraction. Teatro de la Caridad (circa 1885) is one of the few theatres left in Cuba and even after being renovated it still has its old charm.

Santa Clara

4. Varadero

Varadero is another beach spot which is located on the Peninsula de Hicacos, jutting into the sea at the north tip and a drawbridge connects the beach to the rest of the island. Parque Natural Punta Hicacos is a natural reserve that also has a beach and two other tourist attractions are the caves namely Cueva de Ambrosio and Cueva de Musulmanes. Varadero is a popular tourist spot and attracts people from all over the world. Cayo Piedra Underwater Park is a famous park known for all kinds of water sports.


5. Guardalavaca

Guardalvaca is in the Holguin province, which is a remote area and rich in natural beauty.The tourism here offers jungle adventures, sailing expeditions and a tour of the Santiago de Cuba. Places of dolphin encounter at the west coast at Bahia De Naranjo which includes Cayo Naranjo are great places of tourist interest.


6. Trinidad

The town of Trinidad is a world UNESCO heritage site and the town still retains its colonial architecture from the 17th to the 19th century. Plaza Mayor is the main city square bustling with foreigners and locals alike. The Church of the Holy Trinity is located in this square and towards the east of Trinidad, we can find monuments from the 19th century and this area flourished due to the sugarcane mills and plantations located here. It is a lovely drive across the scenic mountains, palm trees, and sugarcane fields.


7. Cayo Coco

Cayo coco is one of the most isolated beaches of Cuba, and Playa Los Flamencos is a beautiful beach overlooking the Atlantic sea. Playa Prohibidad is serene and quiet and is a place of nature’s retreat. Playa Pilar is another ravishing beach at the Cayo Guillermo which is connected to Cayo Coco through a causeway.

Cayo Coco

8. Baracoa

A contrast with the lovely waterfalls, sandy beaches and jungles residing somewhere in the middle, this oldest town in the island, offers an old world feel.

The peak of El Yunque is located here and offers adventure sports like hiking and this hill area is a UNESCO Biosphere reserve as it is the home of rare species and birds.

A trip down the La Farola highway, a 49 km long drive from Baracoa to Cajobabo offers breathtaking views. Playa Maguana is a spectacular beach about 20 km north-east of this town and the Museo Municipal fort offers great views of the bay and an insight of the history of the place.


9. Parce Nacional Vinales

This valley too, is a world UNESCO site in the Sierra de los Organos, north of Pinar del Rio. The walls of the valley are the steep limestone hills and the floor has agricultural grounds where fruit, tobacco, and vegetable cultivation is done. Horse riding and hiking are the activities one can pursue here and day trips from Havana can also be organised to this area.

Parce Nacional Vinales

10. The Malecon

This is Havana’s seafront promenade and is a  stretch of 7 km from the Habana Vieja to the Vedado. This stretch covers an array of architectural buildings from colours of pink to yellow, and a beautiful yellow, and we can see diverse people and children playing along this beautiful stretch.

The Malecon

11. Castillo de San Pedro del Morro, Santiago de Cuba

A majestic Spanish fortress of the 17th century, it is well preserved and stands at the entrance of the bay of Santiago, 10 km southwest of Santiago de Cuba. Though it was originally build to shield from pirate attacks, it was converted into a prison, and today people tour the fort to experience its grandeur and historic marvels. This is a world heritage UNESCO site.

Castillo de San Pedro del Morro, Santiago de Cuba

12. Peninsula de Zapata (Cienaga de Zapata)

This place is a paradise for nature lovers. It has innumerable species, birds and animals and this area has the largest wetlands in the Caribbean. The Zapata swamp is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and contains unique species of animals and birds. Gran Peninsula de Zapata (Cienaga de Zapata) is a natural reserve, and Playa Giron is a place of interest. Playa Larga has lovely beaches and thick greenery and there is also a famous crocodile farm in this region.

Peninsula de Zapata (Cienaga de Zapata)

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