Top 10 Places To Visit In Chile

Stretching along South America’s western coastline, Chile is a long narrow cone shaped country, with the Andes bordering it at the eastern end. It is about 3500 km long and just 250 km wide. The country’s capital Santiago is situated in a valley between the Andes mountains and coastal mountains. The Andes mountains occupy about 1/3 of the land area of Chile, and towards the north is the Atacama desert, which is the driest place on Earth. The central part of the country lies is primarily a valley terrain and most densely populated. The world’s southernmost city Punta Arenas is also located in Chile.

The Best Places To Visit In This Country Are:

1. Torres del Paine National Park,Puerto Natales

Surrounded by towering granite mountains and clear lakes, this park is a hikers paradise. The heavy winds and difficult trails do not deter the nature lovers from exploring the park and activities like horse riding, hiking can be undertaken. The trails are varied from being easy to relatively difficult. There are campsites for people who prefer camping and the French valley trek is a not to miss. Animals like the nandu and the GUA Cano catch the visitors fancy and people can stay in hostels, camps or even expensive hotels depending on their budget. Awesome cafes along the lakes or at the foot of the mountains make the trip a greater pleasure.

Torres del Paine National Park,Puerto Natales

2. Ahu Tongariki, Easter Island

Easter island is a part of the Country and a world heritage site. It is famous for its archeological sites and monuments called moai. Ahu Tongariki has the largest number of moai or carved rock human statues with huge heads. It summers the sun rises behind the moai and makes a picturesque scene. Tongariki was restored by a Japanese company, after a tsunami which had also destroyed a large part of Japan. The Maoi make a spectacular view from boats or ferries in the sea too.

Ahu Tongariki, Easter Island

3. Altiplanic Lagoons, San Pedro de Atacama

Situated on an arid plateau, surrounded by varied landscapes of snow-capped mountains, rock formations, and steaming geysers, the lagoons are a beautiful sight. The water is pristine and has a lovely blue hue. The fauna surrounding the lagoons is also very enchanting and the region is significantly cold and windy. The whole trip to the lagoons, through the mountains and villages, is a thing of great scenic experience.

Altiplanic Lagoons, San Pedro de Atacama

4. Valle de la Luna, San Pedro de Atacama

Named after its moon-like terrain, the valley of Moon is quite a mesmerizing experience. Distant rings of volcanic craters, lovely view of the sunset from the top of a huge sand dune, dynamic colors of the landscape and clouds due to the sunrise and sunset, and a vast expanse of dry and emptiness, makes the trip a memorable experience.

Valle de la Luna, San Pedro de Atacama

5. Dientes de Navarino, Puerto Willaims

Mountain ranges in the Navarino islands,these mountains are located along the Beagle Channel coast. They are named so after their peak’s resemblance to the ‘teeth’. The trek passes through woods and waterfalls, lakes and other rock formations. The trek starts just outside the village and extends up to 5 days and is a 53.5 km distance and can be covered by experts in 4 days in the dry climate.

Dientes de Navarino, Puerto Willaims

6. La Chascona, Santiago, Chile

Pablo Neruda was an acclaimed Chilian poet and this magnificent house was his secret hideaway to meet his mistress.He loved the sea and the dining area is in the form of a ship’s cabin and the living room resembles a lighthouse. An audio tour gives an insight into the history, architecture and artwork of the house, much of which was lost during the dictatorship. A cafe and a bookshop are also located here and a fee is charged for touring the house.

La Chascona, Santiago, Chile

7. El Tatio Geyser

The third largest geyser field in the world, this expanse has volcanoes, geysers, and fumaroles and is best witnessed early morning. One of the marvels of Atacama, this place is unique with ver chilly weather in the morning and the warm spring waters and the thermal pool in which the water is warm.

El Tatio Geyser

8. Glacier Grey, Puerto Natales

Surrounded by lush green hills and amidst a very cold lake stands this mighty glacier. Hiking on the glacier is quite rampant and a boat or a ferry ride reaches you to the glacier. Booking has to be done through the hotel that conducts the tour as this place is on private land.

Glacier Grey, Puerto Natales

9. MontGras Winery

An outstanding vineyard with remarkable wines a great guides to help you explore the place. From touring the vineyards to witnessing the manufacturing and finally tasting the wine with great food, all guided tours are conducted here. The vineyard is on the slopes of the hill and touring it makes a truly remarkable experience.

MontGras Winery

10. Parque Araucano, Santiago

A well-maintained park with many flower gardens, sculptures, and fountains. It has great places to have a picnic, kids play area, eat, and shop. The rose gardens are exquisite, and the walking routes and sports courts located in this park. A good way to spend time with your family and pursue several activities with great food and reasonable prices.

Parque Araucano, Santiago

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