8 Best Five Star Resorts In Chile

The cities of Chile are exclusively known for their awe-inspiring locality and their commitment in serving impeccable hospitality in the best way possible. Find a list of the 8 best five star resorts in Chile which are esteemed and reputed and never fail to offer luxurious services to its customers who go spell bound by the intensity of service so microscopically taken care of .

Here Are 8 Five Star Resorts In Chile:

1. The Aubrey, Santiago

With a look of tradition Palm Beach and the infrastructure that has roots buried in 1927, the Aubrey is an art mansion or Resort that is situated in Santiago, Chile. Open to the public in 2010, this magnanimous Resort relishes the Bohemian neighbourhood of Santiago.

Talking about the room interiors, the walls and the furniture speaks of neatly elegant inland.

The Rooms are equipped with modern day amenities like LCD TV sets, feather quilts and many other necessary utilities. The modern technology of generating electricity from solar panel is quiet visible on the plan of the Aubrey resort. Swimming pools, 15 confortable rooms with Wi-Fi facility are some of its credentials.

Visit The Aubrey, Santiago

The Aubrey, Santiago

2. The Cliff’s Preserve Patagonia, Puerto Varas

Next in the line is the cliff’s preserve in Patagonia, Puerto Varas of Chile. Situated in the close proximity to the Pacific coastline stretched 8 miles and nearly 2000 acres of rain forest, the Cliff’s preserve is a vintage possession that came into existence in 2008. The recreational activities while staying at the resort include Penguin watching, water sports, distant organic farm visits and other rejuvenating outdoor frivolous activities. The lavishly structure 18 suites of the hotel leaves the customers spellbound when comes to the resort service and hospitality.

Visit The Cliff’s Preserve Patagonia, Puerto Varas

The Cliff’s Preserve Patagonia, Puerto Varas

3. Hotel de Larache, San Pedro de Atacama

Hotel de Larache is such a splendid resort which is dexterously built taking into practise the minimization of water usage and the maximization of the natural air utilization. Such impeccable resort is located in Atacama Desert and was built in 1998. Mountain biking, Horse ride, Night star gazing etc. are some of the recreations people adapt while their stay in Chile. Contained with 4 swimming pools, 50 suits and best-in-class restaurants, this resort simply takes the prize.

Visit Hotel de Larache, San Pedro de Atacama

Hotel de Larache, San Pedro de Atacama

4. Hotel Salto Chico, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Another alluring resort in Patagonia, Chile is the Hotel Salto Chico. Situated on the banks of a beautiful waterfall, the resort was established in early 90’s and houses a rare speciality of favouring more than hundreds of bird species. The resort provides maximum spectacular vistas of the vicinity either by walking your way out to the destination or sitting on a horseback to snoop around the localities in an exhilarating way. 50 deluxe rooms to stay, certain transport and excursions facilities are included in the charges of the stay.

Visit Hotel Salto Chico, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Hotel Salto Chico, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

5. The Ecocamp Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Another interesting and exotic resort facility situated in Patagonia is the Ecocamp. Around many years ago, the lodge due to some reason was removed from its original setting and restructured on a plateau in distance.

Since then the guests spend their nights in geodesic tents, adding the spice of nomadic adventure to their travel recipe.

The tents are engineered to withstand the swift and powerful winds in the locality. Relish the fervour of night sky watching from the transparent dome panels of the tents.

Visit The Ecocamp Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

The Ecocamp Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

6. The Awasi, San Pedro de Atacama

The Awasi of San Pedro de Atacama is a place worthy to visit when occupied in Chile. Explore the desert city at the best by communicating with the locals and get to know about the clandestine treasures of the area surrounding the desert. The outdoor landscape visit, visiting native planting programs, horseback riding and many other sporting adventures let the guests fall victim to the fun and exquisiteness of the place. 8 sober rooms with meal, travel expedition and guide facilities are the services the resort offers full heartedly.

Visit The Awasi, San Pedro de Atacama

The Awasi, San Pedro de Atacama

7. Hacienda Tres lagos, Aisen

With the marvellous lakeside vista from the resort rooms, the Hacienda Tres lagos of Aisen, Chile offers guests countless reasons to rejuvenate their stay while visiting Chile. The cruise rides in the lake departs from the pick-up spots near the resort and a trip to the maeble caves in close proximity simply steals your heat away. With Spa, two restaurants offering international food and 20 tidy rooms, Hacienda draws unflinching attention of guests visiting Aisen, Chile.

Visit Hacienda Tres Lagos, Aisen

Hacienda Tres Lagos, Aisen

8. Lapostolle Residence, Santa Cruz

The place elegant in class, possessing contemporary edge and devoted to the eco-savvy comportment is none other than the Lapostolle Residence in Santa Cruz. Bike riding, swimming in the solar heated pool water and hiking are some of the recreational activities to lay your hands on.

Visit Lapostolle Residence, Santa Cruz

Lapostolle Residence, Santa Cruz

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