6 Thrilling Things To Do In Las Vegas

Thrilling Things To Do In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most vibrant cities of the world. Clubbing, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, nightlife and gambling you will find it all. It is the world class entertainment spot and a one stop spot for Casino, the leading financial, commercial and cultural centre of Nevada. Experience why they say ‘Only in Vegas’ and see your wildest dreams getting fulfilled because the list goes on about the things that will never fail to surprise you. So hold on your horses to explore one of the best city existing.

Things To Do In Las Vegas:

1 Hit The Casino And Take A Bet

Roll a dice at the Round Table with your lucky charm beside you, Casino and Las Vegas go hand in hand. Enter any one on the Las Vegas Strip, and try your luck with the cards. You need not be very good at it but there’s always a first time and which better place than in  ‘The Vegas’ will you find. Caesars Palace, Bellagio, Golden Nugget, Palms are some of the popular casino’s on the Strip.

Hit The Casino And Take A Bet

2 Get Behind The Control And Fly High

One of the most realistic aerobatic experience available, It is the extreme aviation attraction of the World. You get to control the flight, after a general instruction session by qualified pilots and you are all set to take off under expert supervision. Identical set of controls are with the instructors so that they can take over in an emergency. This will be a one time experience for you to fly a world class aerobatic aircraft with a small training session.

Get Behind The Control And Fly High

3 Dance Along With The Splash

There’s something magical about this fountain that will leave you intrigued even on your thousandth visit The Dancing fountains of Bellagio, is a 8 acre of water stretch on the Vegas Strip, having more than 5000 lights and 1200 water shooting nozzles that lifts up your mood. The fountains dance to the Rhythm of the music syncing you too to dance along. There are various shows both during the day and night on weekdays and weekends. The water is choreographed to dance to the tune of 29 songs, each in a different way. You will be dazzled to see this aquatic extravaganza, one of the finest engineering masterpieces of the world.

Dance Along With The Splash

4 Dine With The Mermaid

The place is completely, and amazingly, stupid in the best and most fun way, much like Las Vegas itself. This is why they say experiencing the unexpected in Las Vegas. The Mermaid Lounge will leave you spell bound. This is a place where fishes and humans co-exist. 117,000 gallons of aquarium with more than 4000 salt water fishes and gorgeous and exotic ‘Mermaids’. Yes you heard it right. The women dressed as mermaids swim in the aquarium and wave a ‘Hi’ at you. The Mermaid Restaurant and Lounge is one of the coolest places in the city.

Dine With The Mermaid

5 Enjoy The Thrilling Rides

Scream and shout and hold your breath and pumping heart while rising above the stratosphere, Las Vegas theme parks have exhilarating rides that will rise your adrenaline rush. for those who love speed, Vegas will turn out to be an adventurous dream come true. So without being a spoil spot get onto the rides without hesitating.

Enjoy The Thrilling Rides

6 Tie A Knot Or Renew Your Vows

Vegas wedding chapels have the experience and options to calm your inner bridezilla. Gift your bride an exclusive Elvis wedding package and pamper her raw. Renew your vows at the chapel and get married in a royal style. Be it an outdoor gazebo and beach theme or a simple traditional theme, even the simplest of it is grand.Then why miss the chance of saying ‘I Do’ again and re-leaving your special day.

Tie A Knot Or Renew Your Vows

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