7 Best Destinations To Throw Your Bachelors Party

With the wedding preparations in full swing, a bachelor’s party is the least that friends could do to calm the jittery nerves of the groom to be and make these moments super special for him. These are his last ‘free’ days and should be enjoyed to the core. So pack the bags and set of for the party of your lives with non-stop partying, booze and fun.

These Are A List Of The 8 Most Happening Bachelor Party Destinations In The World

1. Las Vegas

This ‘sin’ city has to top the list for obvious reasons. Everybody wants to hang around the Strip where all the best restaurants, pubs and gambling hubs are centred. The nightlife is rocking and whether you are a high roller or would like to burn the place partying, or attend the world’s hottest pool parties, you can sure be spoilt for choice. All in all, it is the best bachelor party destination!

2. Ibiza

End of May to October is the time to visit this place for non-stop clubbing with the best clubs like Pacha that offer non-stop electronic music and great ambience and food. The Bora beach resort is the place to unwind in the day after a night long party scene, there are aqua buses available to hop you through the beaches and the seafood is definitely worth trying out!


3. Montreal


If you want to party all night and are a little budget considerate, this is the place in Canada is for you. The party scene is centred along the famous 7-mile long Saint-Laurent boulevard which hosts the awesome summer fests with beer, jazz and comedy evenings!

4. Yacht week

If you want to party while on the move,this is a great option. It covers a combination of exotic European destinations like Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Italy and the British islands, and can be extended to Thailand. It is a lovely experience as friends sail through scenic landscapes covering mountains and seas while rejoicing and celebrating the bachelor’s party. Bookings have to be done and the choice of countries as per preference and budgets has to be stated and planned well in advance.

Yacht week

5. Miami


Having  splendid beaches, amazing sports activity, awesome food, and the best clubs around that are open for 24 hours partying, Miami will be a sure hit for a bachelor’s party. South beach is the place to stay as all the happening parties are held around this area and the weather here is lovely, barring the hurricane months when it’s raining all the time.

6. Rio de Janeiro

This ultimate beach party destination is the perfect place to be in the seasons when there is winter in the northern hemisphere. The Copacabana/Ipanema area are the party places but the Lapa regions should be definitely checked out for its liveliness and adventure spirit.

Rio De Janeiro

7. New Orleans

This place has a southern charm and if the party coincides with Mardi gras,which is the king size carnival celebrations in the city, then it would be tremendous fun. Bourbon street is the strip to hang around and it has the best of restaurants and pubs to make you enjoy and remember your bachelor party. The not to miss places are the Lafitte’s Blacksmith shop, the oldest bar in the US, located  very much in this city and also the Pat O’ Brien who is known the sell the highest amount of liquor per day, than any other place in the world.

New Orleans

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  1. Great recommendations. I was just recently on my cousins bachelor party. We went to Poland and it was awesome! We spend few day in the capital, Warsaw and we had so much fun. We went to so many different places, all of them were great. The club that we choose to went to for a party was called New Orleans. It was so nice and elegant! I have been to few clubs in Warsaw, but never in such an exclusive one. It was recommended to us as a very safe place, and it was right. And the dancers in this club were beautiful and very sexy!

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