6 Interesting Things To Do In Shanghai

Interesting Things To Do In Shanghai

Shanghai is the global financial hub and the capital city of China. A futuristic skyline, with high-tech innovations sprawling in the city, it serves as the most influential, economic, financial hub of China. It has some of the best engineering masterpieces and distinct structures. The city will never fail to astound you with its beauty. It is a one stop attraction where tradition is intertwined with modern technological innovations.

Things You Should Not Miss Doing In Shanghai:

1. Enjoy The Ride In The Maglev

Shanghai Maglev, the fastest existing train with the mind blowing speed of 431 kph. Enjoy the Ride! The train line connects the Pudong International Airport and the outskirts of central Pudong a distance of 19 miles is covered in just 7 minutes. The journey would be finished even before you realize. It will truly be a magical experience for you to sit in the train taking you to your destination in  a lightning speed.

Enjoy The Ride In The Maglev

2. Take A Cruise Along The Huangpu River

The Bund, is the longest cultural stretch of Shanghai. It is the part of the Zhongshan Road with 52 buildings along the stretch. A cruise to the Bund along the Huangpu River is a delightful scenery. When you see the The Bund while approaching the city as the sight of the buildings grow bigger and clearer it is truly a scenic view. The cruise takes you along the entire stretch too. The ride during night is even more eye catching.

Take A Cruise Along The Huangpu River

3. Rotate With The Revolving Restaurant

The Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the highest tower of China. It is formed of three huge spheres, the top most level is a revolving restaurant. The stunning view of the city and The Bund from the transparent glass, walking along the observation deck and  a grand buffet with western and Chinese delicacies is what the restaurant will offer you. The restaurant revolves a full circle in every two hours.

Rotate With The Revolving Restaurant

4. Bird’s Eye View From The Shanghai Tower

Shanghai is a city of skyscrapers. An Arial view of the city from the Shanghai Tower is nothing less than Surreal experience. It is the tallest building in China and the 2nd tallest in the World. The observation deck is the highest i.e.561 mt (Burj Khalifa deck 555 mt). The Tower is not just the tallest but also unique and innovative. The building is designed in a asymmetrical spiral form which appears to crawl up like a snake, to withstand the typhoon-force winds which are common in China.

Bird's Eye View From The Shanghai Tower

5. Stroll Around The Water-town

Zhujiajiao is the popular Water Town on the outskirts of Shanghai. The town was a trading centre in the past hence there were a lot of canals built. Presently the town will offer you boat and ferry rides along the canals. The town has many waterways, 36 ancient bridges and traditional Chinese style residences. The town is also endowed with many historic sights, gardens, ancient structures, a Buddhist monastery and an artificial hill. You can also take a cruise that will take you along the town through the canal.

Stroll Around The Water-town

6. Go On A Shopping Expedition Along The Nanjing Road

It is the main and the busiest shopping street in Shanghai. It is the most famous and flourishing commercial street in Shanghai. As per survey the street attracts around 1 million visitors daily. You will experience why it is said  ‘you have never been to Shanghai unless you go to Nanjing Road’ only after visiting the street. It is the major attraction among fashion seekers. You will find almost everything on the street, with 600 businesses with famous brands, superior quality and new fashions.

Go On A Shopping Expedition Along The Nanjing Road

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