Best Restaurants in Bangkok

One of the best things about traveling is trying local foods, new restaurants, and immersing yourself completely in the eating culture and dining habits of the region. It’s no secret that many people go to Italy just for the food, to name an example, but even though we can only eat real Italian food in Italy, we already know a little about what we can find. It’s not always this way with Thai food. You may be familiar with Thai restaurants in your country and what you know about Thai food was carefully translated for your consumption at your local place. But once you land in Thailand, it can be a little overwhelming because the choices are virtually endless.

The other thing to consider as well is maybe you want to give your body a rest from Thai food, and maybe for a night see and experience what the gastronomic world of Bangkok, as being one of the largest metropolises in the world, offers. Or maybe you still want local food, but the top-end version of it. The options are endless, but we are here to help.

Behold, you will find 10 fine restaurants of diverse nature to eat in Bangkok, all suitable for different moods, tastes, and prices. No matter your choice, these Thailand restaurants aren’t listed here to disappoint.

1. Supanniga Eating Room


Supanniga is something we can call “Fusion Cuisine”. While the chef Thanaruek Laoraowirodge is inspired by his passion for various cuisines, his true goal is to introduce the most traditional recipes of Thai food, the ones that got lost in prior generations, and introduce them again to the public with a modern take. This makes this restaurant very special for local consumers and foreigners that want high Thai Cuisine, unlike anything they know or have tasted in other restaurants in Thailand before. Here you will find all kinds of diners from trendy thirty-something locals to whole families.

2. Prachak Pet Yang


The specialty of Prachak is Cantonese-style duck and you have to be aware: upon entrance, you will see how the butcher takes the ducks from a rack and prepares them for cooking. We know this description doesn’t sound delicious, but if you don’t mind passing by that preparation, you will taste the best duck dishes above all the restaurants in Bangkok. The companion foods for the duck are mostly noodles or rice. This is an unpretentious dining place and you will see many eating here, which is always a good sign.

3. Cadence


Unlike Prachak, Chef Dan Bark’s Cadence is all about fine dining, and we mean it. Coming to Thailand after working in America at Michelin-starred restaurants, he also won his own Michelin star at “Mikkeler”, another restaurant of his property. The chef describes Cadence’s menu as a personal culinary project, and his goal is to “share his memories” and personal experiences through food and drinks. The key idea is to try a 15-course tasting menu, starting with a walk on the beach (seafood) and end it with the land: with beef and even chocolate.

4. Karmakamet Conveyance


The chef of Convenyance is all about making you receptive to the unexpected (talking about restaurants, for sure). She might now have a fine dining place but she is willing to tell you how she made it through her food. While the menu changes from time to time to adapt to seasonal ingredients, normally they offer a 10 course tasting menu, with brief descriptions in it. You only need to sit, enjoy, and leave your questions for the end. Embrace the unexpected, but if you want a spoiler: It’s mostly fusion Asian cuisine.

5. Haoma


Haoma is two things: a garden and an excellent restaurant in Bangkok. At the entrance, you can appreciate a hydroponic ecosystem with crops that are used for preparations in the kitchen. Amazing, right? The Menu consists mostly of the best Thai dishes but adds other interesting features, which is the offering of vegan and no vegan version of every plate. Only because of the latter Haoma is an excellent choice above many restaurants if your travel group has different preferences regarding protein in their meals.

6. Maze Dining


Not that it matters for the purposes of this list, but Chef Phattanant Thongthong was a contestant in Top Chef Thailand. It’s good to know, but we don’t recommend Maze Dining only because of that. This restaurant is amazing and has incredible dishes comparable with the best restaurants in the city. The style combines traditional foods from the north of Thailand (the most recognizable for the western diners) with other techniques from around the world.

7. La Bottega di Luca


An Italian option could not be missing, but since we aren’t in Italy if you are looking for the best Italians restaurants in Bangkok, La Bottega di Luca is the only option. The style of food is traditional Italian with a splash of Mediterranean style. They are very proud of not being “pretentious food” and the Chef claims to use the recipes he grew up with. Something to consider is the always-changing menu, so even when a friend recommends this place, maybe you can live a unique experience in a good way.

8. Sorn


Sorn is very close to being the best restaurant in Bangkok and maybe in all of Thailand. In only two years they have won two Michelin stars and several accolades. The two chefs, Ice Jongsiri and Yod U-Pumpruk have made the attention to details their trademark. For example, everything is mostly slow-cooked, even the most “simple” soup is boiled for 6 hours just to make sure it developed all the flavors. The style is prominently southern Thailand so you may not be that familiar with the dishes, which in this case, is good.

9. Sühring


It might be odd to recommend a German food restaurant in Thailand, but Sühring it’s not just any restaurant. You can expect that Chefs Mathias and Thomas Sühring will delight you with very traditional german recipes which they grew up with. Despite its relaxing setting, the food is very polished and for several years Thais considered Sühring the best dining place in Bangkok, which is amazing considering that it isn’t traditional Thai cuisine.

10. Bo.Lan


Finally, if you are up for very traditional and even old-fashioned dishes, Bo.Lan is the best place for a Thai in Bangkok. That doesn’t make this place bad, unlike that, this is the place to experience traditions and try the original recipes with little foreign influence or techniques. They only use local and organic ingredients.

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